Being a Salesforce qualified professional is becoming more popular in recent years. People take courses to get the position of Salesforce Admin or Developer because they know it's worth it. So, let’s figure out what it means to become a Salesforce specialist in the first place and why it can be so beneficial for your future career.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s most popular business automation platform. This cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system is used by successful companies all around the world.

Salesforce CRM is destined to operate and manage customer support, corporate sales, marketing activities, support service, community management, interaction, and communication within the company. The cost of licenses is quite affordable. Moreover, all information is stored in the cloud. As a result, you can implement any business processes, create your applications and sell them.

However, many companies already provide all-inclusive Salesforce services. So the level of competition is high. To win a position and boost your career in a concise time frame, you'll need a qualification.

Many companies want to get a highly qualified candidate with a Salesforce certificate without putting in any effort. Meanwhile, they forget that obtaining a Salesforce qualification requires a lot of time and money.

At Synebo, we found a solution. If we need professional candidates, we can educate and raise them. Our company is aware of the issues connected with gaining a Salesforce qualification. That is why we decided to propose this opportunity to people who want to become a part of the Salesforce world. Salesforce Developer and Salesforce Administrator courses are a perfect kickstart for people who want to deep into the completely different field of the IT world.

Getting started with Salesforce

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Many graduates are looking for new opportunities and possibilities to reveal their potential. Synebo offers these students to explore Salesforce careers. Anyone keen on programming who likes understanding the business logic of applications, designing user interfaces, and dealing with data would find working with Salesforce very attractive.

For those familiar with Salesforce, this course would be beneficial since it is the direct way to get the job and learn at the same time.

Benefits of Synebo's free course

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The most precious is that this course is entirely free. Moreover, the best students will become a part of our big team. Working with Salesforce at Synebo means professional growth in a friendly environment. Synebo cares a lot about corporate mood and positive vibes. Our colleagues are provided with free breakfast and of total value lunch.

Moreover, every Friday, we have a Happy Hour team-building with pizza and drinks. Speaking more about team-building, we often have corporate trips and events, and each year we have a big trip abroad. This is amazing since the last big trip was to Turkey where all our specialists enjoyed the beach resort and fascinating cultural sightseeing.



This is great when you can work hard, and it is paid back, and such things as table tennis, shisha, and PlayStation in our company make your weekdays even more pleasant. I bet this sounds tempting!

During the course, you will obtain the knowledge of:

  1. Salesforce Platform Basics, Data Modelling, and Platform Development Basics
  2. Developer Console Basics, Quick Start: Apex and Apex Basics & Database
  3. Apex Trigger and App Development without Limits
  4. Asynchronous Apex, Apex Integration Services
  5. Visualforce Basics
  6. Lightning Component Basics, Lightning Design System, Lighting Data Service Basics
  7. Apex Testing and Change Management

Stages that you have to pass:

  • First, apply for the course, simple as pie.
  • Complete the tests and submit them before the deadline. Then, the most successful candidates will get on the course. 
  • Study diligently and do the homework.
  • Use all your effort and do the final project as successful as possible.
  • If you are one of the best, you get the job!

What goes after?

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If you were successful on this occasion, you will join the Synebo team and start working on your professional growth. Our specialists have to be Salesforce certified. Therefore, we work hard and pass the tests to gain approval for new qualifications. Certification in Salesforce is essential for our company because it is one the most significant aspect of the company’s success.

The only drawback is that these tests are expensive, but our employees should not worry about that since Synebo covers all expenses. Having this sort of certification means a lot for a Salesforce specialist, which indicates advanced professional skills.

Final thoughts

If you think that this kind of career is suitable for you, you are always welcome to apply and try this challenge. If this sounds relevant to you or you would like to discuss this further, please, do not hesitate to leave your comments on this article or email us at

Editor’s Note: This post was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness in January 2022.