When something big is coming nobody expect it to become so great and widespread. The same thing happened to the world’s number one CRM Platform. When Salesforce was introduced as a SAAS (Software as a Service), nobody knew how it would turn out. Nowadays, Salesforce launches so many releases and introduces a big variety of tech products each year. We are all aware of the benefits of CRM and how this technology is advantageous for businesses. Along with this, enormous amount of companies adopted this technology and started doing offshore outsourcing development. Therefore, I would like to focus my attention on how this process is represented in Ukraine and what’s the point of going offshore above all.  

Why Outsource?

Overflow of projects and huge desire to retain a client is a key aspect for external staff search. You may ask, why go external. The answer is so simple. You want to retain your clients but don’t want to hire additional full time employees in your home country since it would cause further expenses and obligations in the first place. Projects have a feature to become completed while a full time employee will remain and payroll will have to be continued. This leads to a very clear conclusion. It is always better to find additional services on demand rather than hiring a permanent staff.

Peter Drucker: “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.”

Collaborating with teams and partners offshore gives an indisputable advantage of focusing on growth and primary activities only and distributing time consuming tasks. Moreover, time saving comes along with huge expenses reduction. Considering projects, some companies may have such overwhelming experience in implementing the most challenging tasks and even can be very helpful if your company stuck on a project and don’t want to show its weakness to the client. Here is what important, our company Synebo specializes additionally on very complicated projects implementation which makes us reliable contractors. This may sound pretentious but Synebo portfolio can be an evidence for this.  

Go offshore, to Ukraine!

Those who have been using offshore development for a long time probably know what countries are the most popular in that kind of services. None can deny the fact that Ukraine is taking leading positions nowadays. The main significative is a time zone which is very close to european countries. Speaking about the Western time zone, this is no longer a problem since many companies in Ukraine do night shifts and time zone issue is smoothed out.  

Despite the fact that not only overflow of projects might be a problem but a lack of expertise as well, many good companies are forced to use outsourcing. In order to manage and do Salesforce development properly an expertise and best practice required. Here in Ukraine, you may gain an access to Salesforce certified professionals and your project will no longer be the worst headache in your life.  

When and What to Outsource?

In case if companies do not hold an expertise in something or simply have a lack of budget on different sort of activities on their business roadmap, they have to go outsourcing. This includes any Salesforce development, administration and support. Additionally, if your business requires existing product integration, offshore outsourcing companies can help you to build an integration package for your existing cloud or on-premise product and also list it on AppExchange. Likewise, if you need a Salesforce ISV development, you may want to build a complete product solution available on AppExchange built atop Force.com or Heroku, you can always look for external team for this purpose. Such aspects like certification and security review are very essential. If you feel like you need assistance in architectural and code review so that your product could pass Salesforce security review and obtain ISV certifications, you’d better find professionals.

Think before you outsource anyway. Check outsourcing companies’ profiles thoroughly and try to search for some references on different external resources like clutch or extract. You definitely will find verified information there. Moreover, it is always a good idea to check an outsourcing company in question on different social networks, since if this firm is represented there and is not ashamed to show its life and corporate culture, means something and definitely seems to be more credible.