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Despite the fact that the term “outsourcing” has become so widespread nowadays, many people are still unaware of what it actually means. Understanding this term is essential for overseas companies especially. We’ve discussed this topic a lot in previous blog posts. Now, let’s cover the most frequently asked questions about our activity.

Synebo provides a full range of outsourcing services. We receive so many questions about what we do and the benefits we offer. We decided to shed some light on it. So, read on to see the most frequently asked questions — and our answers.

What's the difference between freelance and the services you offer?

We provide our clients with outsourcing solutions. This means that we create a dedicated team of IT specialists for different businesses worldwide. The biggest advantage is that these specialists are located in our offices in Ukraine, so we are able to manage and supervise their activity.

We provide them with everything they need for maximum productivity, namely all the necessary equipment, entertainment & education. Moreover, we cover all the regulations regarding the legal part as well, so our partners have no need to worry about complying with the Ukrainian Labour Code.

Basically, we rely on a team of professionals and oversee this remote team working for our international clients. However, this may not always involve the whole team of specialists: there could be just one professional assigned to take care of your project.

What are the stages of our work process with our clients?

The most important part for us is mutual successful cooperation between both parties. We have to make sure our partners are happy and satisfied in the first place. At the very beginning, we have to know all the necessary project details and job description with any essential requirements for each candidate.

As soon as we get a full picture and confirm that we are on the same page with our client, we offer them our professionals set to become a part of their remote dedicated team. This part is very important since the right people account for 80% of your project success.

How do we evaluate a specialist and make sure that he/she's our rock star?

While we have our own methods, our clients may always propose their own approach to evaluating specialists if that helps them feel more comfortable. However, we believe that our special technical and psychological testing is a huge aid in finding those stars your project requires. Synebo has a large team of professionals and we are sure some of them are a perfect match for your project.

What about the rates?

Every successful business is interested in a long-term profitable partnership — and Synebo is no exception. We offer very attractive monthly rates at the first stage of cooperation, and discuss further additional benefits.

Needless to say, the Ukrainian labour market is famous for wages 60% lower than western ones. Our potential clients are always welcome to contact our business development manager who will find the best solution.

Possibility of relocation

All remote employees are able to go on business trips if necessary. Nonetheless, our big Synebo family is used to working in our offices in Ukraine where we feel comfortable in a pleasant environment and remain productive. We have to make sure our employees on outsourcing work at 100% capacity and submit projects on time.

Furthermore, communication is no longer a problem — we stay in touch whenever required.

Hopefully, we covered the most frequently asked questions.

To conclude, we want to mention that we encourage individual approaches and want to make both our clients & remote team happy. Have additional questions or issues to discuss? Please feel free to send us an email at