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Salesforce Services We Offer

At Synebo, the most valuable asset we have is the relationship we’ve built with our team

They relied on us

Synebo applied its skills and expertise to achieve real results in our projects for these successful companies.

Support package

Salesforce for business is destined to operate for a long time. As a result, it’s much better to have reliable, proper support rather than deal with the consequences of a poorly-executed task. We offer you two options with our Support Package.

Silver package

Gold package

How we work

01. Research and Discover

The most essential part of the working process is data collection and a proper estimate. We NEVER hide any unnecessary project details and remain transparent at every stage of our journey together.

02. Wireframe and design

Your project will look incredible, with a user-friendly interface. Our clients have to be fully satisfied with what they see, but the product’s functionality should be convenient as well. Our job at this stage is to make it real.




03. Build and Test

It’s all about clean code and crystal-clear communication. At this stage, it’s vital to stick to the project framework and make sure that everything works accordingly. Eventually, we build the code that works.

04. Production and Support

The outcome should be successful. That’s why we do what we do. The fact that we undertake our projects according to the highest standards means we have to make sure everything works impeccably afterwards. Our support and unpredictable-bug-fixing is a core aspect.