More and more organizations realize that ‘out-of-the-box’ software is not enough to meet their business needs. Salesforce development gives them the ability to use customized services, not generic.

Specifically, Salesforce services include CRM customization, business automation, and app integration. You can use them no matter your company’s size – small to medium (SMB) or enterprise-level. Salesforce ecosystem consists of products for all types of businesses. Let’s take a brief look at them.

How to grow your business with Salesforce custom development?

Below are 8 ideas to increase your business productivity with Salesforce services.

Automate workflows

According to Asana, the average worker spends 60% of his time on “work about work” – communicating tasks and hunting down documents. And teams are spending 30% more time on duplicate work 😩


So, if you get rid of monotonous and repetitive activities, you’ll save up to 60% of employees’ time for more valuable work. And Salesforce CRM can be a great help 💪

The system uses technologies to initiate a series of tasks without human intervention. You need only to set up the rules first. Then, workflows will send emails and schedule tasks by themselves.

Particularly, Salesforce development services allow you to automate HR, recruiting, onboarding, finance, bookkeeping, invoicing, marketing, sales, tax compliance, reporting, and inventory management.

Generate more high-value leads

Lead generation isn’t about whipping in all existing leads and delivering them to your sales reps. Instead, it’s about using the best channels to find the right audience you can build relationships with.

Salesforce’s State of Marketing report has found that the top 3 channels for generating high-quality leads are:

🔥 social publishing/advertising

🔥 influencers

🔥 websites


Sure, finding the right customers is a time-consuming process. However, Salesforce simplifies the search for customers. With the help of marketing tools, you can track customer actions, analyze them, and predict their needs. Then, by using Einstein AI, you can determine the most active leads and the ones to warm up. 

Thanks to a well-thought-out algorithm, you can always see exactly where the leadership is in your pipeline, as well as know what their next step should be.

Nurture leads

Lead nurturing is valuable communication with a person on an individual level through all customer journey stages to understand their pain points and needs. It’s intended to build trust and educate people about your products and is rarely about immediate sales 👨‍🏫

With Salesforce Sales Cloud, you can optimize and automate your lead nurturing campaign, including:

  • Creating personalized, relevant content
  • Targeting by prospect persona/decision stage
  • Nurturing campaign workflows
  • Segmenting lead data
  • Multichannel integration

These tactics are super effective in building solid relationships with your audience and improving customer retention.

Manage customer support

When a business is just starting, it’s easy to manage the customer service needs of the first few customers. As your client base grows, however, you need to have systems in place to continue delivering customer service at an excellent level 🏅

Putting a proper customer service management strategy together means you’ve set the bar high to exceed customer expectations.

Thankfully, Salesforce has Service Cloud to streamline the process for consumers and your team. In particular, cases can be resolved faster by combining automated processes with easy access to every interaction’s full context, details, and history.

In addition, you can automatically match cases from any channel – messaging, chat, social, email, phone, and voice – to the responsible agent.

Keep all data in one place

To provide your customers with a high level of personal attention, you need to quickly access accounts, contacts, tasks, events, and any relevant personal data. Salesforce provides a convenient platform for managing all the data and keeping it safe.

Track competitors

Every company needs insight into competitors to stay competitive in the marketplace. Recording competitor information encourages sales reps to rethink their approach and find the best way to close each sales opportunity.

The standard Salesforce competitor tracking function captures the basic information about the competitors on each opportunity. In addition, you can use the “Reason Lost” picklist, the Partner Roles feature, a custom object, or a custom GSP solution for tracking competitors for more advanced options.

Build custom apps

Salesforce provides cloud-based software that is easy to configure and modify. Besides customization, you can also build your applications using Salesforce AppExchange

With the service, you can launch an app specific to your company, from process automation, data analytics, and regulatory compliance to new product development, customer support, and improved collaboration. 

👉 If you need help to build custom apps for your company, you can reach out to a Salesforce consulting company. At Synebo, we have professionals with vast experience in app development and further support securing a listing on AppExchange.

Integrate apps and systems

With Salesforce, you can connect third-party applications with your CRM tool. Integrated CRM software increases productivity and efficiency by gathering all data in one place.


The Salesforce ecosystem contains hundreds of products, components, pre-built templates, and consultant services. You can research them on AppExchange. It has apps for all departments and industries.

Because Salesforce CRM is so robust, you won’t need a lot of integrations. The most popular are:

🔥 Slack

🔥 G-Suite

🔥 Mailchimp

🔥 Quickbooks

🔥 Zapier

Salesforce products to choose from


Customer 360 is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps you manage and analyze interactions with leads and customers to increase conversions, customer loyalty, and retention 📈

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) gives you a complete view of your sales and the ability to study specific areas of rep productivity, pipeline, lead conversion, and more. In addition, SFCC allows enterprises to create unique shopping opportunities for all their customers, including new ways to attract customers on mobile devices at any time.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud uses tools to combine marketing and sales on one platform, interacting with customers through various channels.

Salesforce Sales Cloud is sales automation software that helps sales managers highlight team-wide insights, from establishing sales quotas and territory management to sales forecasting.

Salesforce Service Cloud is customer service software that connects your customer data and your service experts on one platform. It personalizes your support to engage with every lead. With Service Cloud, you’ll be able to support customer interactions on any channel and automate business processes with intelligent workflows.

AppExchange affiliate program allows you to create solutions on the world’s first customer relationship management platform, sell on AppExchange, the leading enterprise cloud market, and grow your business faster.

Tableau Analytics is a data analytics platform that allows you to prep, analyze, and share your big data insights. For example, you can explore seasonality and trends, sample your data, run predictive analyses like forecasting within a robust UI.

MuleSoft is an integration platform to help organizations connect data, applications, and devices across on-premises and cloud computing environments.

Slack is a communication platform designed for use in the workplace. It’s available for desktop and mobile, and you use its web version.

Salesforce Ventures provides access to global knowledge and business skills in cloud computing. By leveraging their experience, you can build trust among business partners and accelerate your growth.

Salesforce for Startups provides startups with access to Salesforce technology, resources, and expertise to become a thriving customer and community-oriented company.

How to learn Salesforce for free?

Salesforce has a training system called Trailhead, which is free and offers training modules and routes for each skill level. Moreover, there is even a special “Trail Mix” designed specifically for small businesses.


This platform helps you gain the skills necessary to transform your company and obtain certification to enhance your career. Also, you can join the Trailblazers global movement to find new business partners.

Key takeaways

Due to its reliability, regular updates, ease of use, and elimination of complex coding, Salesforce continues to be one of the most popular CRM tools.

Salesforce has helped thousands of companies improve their customer management and engagement.

Joint Salesforce forecasts from the assembly line to closed sales ensure that you can plan your sales cycle without any problem. In addition, forecasts take into account any adjustments made by managers to the budget for additional waste. These properties ensure that your company can function in all circumstances.

👉 If you want to customize your CRM without hiring new employees, you can outsource this task to a reputed Salesforce development company like ours.

Will be happy to connect with you and solve all the problems that prevent you from running the business of your dreams.