Like any other enterprise, at Synebo, 2020 was a hell of a year. We had to deal with things we could have only read about in newspapers or books. We experienced the unimaginable. 

How do you explain that a small virus, unseen by the naked eyes, knocked down the entire world, confining everyone to his closet? The same virus adjusted every one to a new lifestyle. Once COVID-19 permeated the air, it infected more than 69 million people and got millions of others sick and dead. That was close to hell.

During the quarantine, our services at Synebo LLC remained unchanged, but we had to alter our schedules and daily activities. Ultimately, we survived. Now, let us show you how that all happened. 

1. COVID Protocol Compliance 

As a responsible and law-abiding company, we knew that adhering to COVID-19 health protocols is geared towards our staff’s wellbeing. We understood that the survival of our company depended on it. 

Therefore, when business resumed and lockdowns were lifted, we took all necessary measures to ensure our office was safe. We disinfected the open areas, installed disinfectors, provided hand rubs, and emplaced physical distancing regulations and masks on. We left nothing to chance.

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2. Introduction of Remote Workspace 

Seeing that the virus spreads more where people are clustered, we decentralized our services. We enabled remote workplaces for a section of our staff, ensuring their job went uninterrupted from the comfort of their homes. Interestingly, this did not lower efficiency and performance as we had good feedback from our clients and had our workers monitored for performance.

3. Staff Retention and Scale-Up

Proudly, we did not dismiss any of our workers. On the contrary, we increased our staff strength by 25 percent. What we did was to identify departments that are less saturated and require scale-up in service. We, therefore, had to employ more hands to enhance their service efficiency.

4. Worker’s Capacity Development 


Undeniably, the COVID experience necessitated an appraisal, which brought to fore the need for a new set of skills as an agency. We, therefore, conducted free courses for Salesforce developers and administrators in our company where the best students joined our team. Awesome!

5. Workplace Fun Time

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Another defining moment at Synebo LLC was the introduction of a weekly challenge. We initiated a weekly challenge of cooking, taking pictures, and so on. Winners were handsomely rewarded, and we particularly sent presents, food, and fruits to participants of the challenge every week. It enlivened the atmosphere.

6. Special Treat

As a reward for staying with us in the difficult time, Synebo had a big corporate trip to the Ukrainian mountains of Bukovel in the Summer, where about 50 employees were beneficiaries of the all-expense paid trip. The experience was fantastic.


2020: We made it!

Editor’s Note: This post was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness in January 2022.