On February 24, when the whole country woke up from the explosions, we were practically finishing selecting participants for the Salesforce Developer course. It was essential to help people get through the training despite the difficult conditions.

We decided not to cancel our course in this hard time because the transition to jobs where you can work remotely is relevant for many in Ukraine. 

We are training people to give them the opportunity to earn money, regardless of their realities 🤛

"The courses are a great opportunity for aspiring professionals to get closer to IT-career. It is important for us to show that a person, under any circumstances, can find an opportunity to grow and accomplish goals," says Narina Pogosova, Course organizer and Recruitment Team Lead at Synebo.


According to Narina, 2 groups of students enrolled in the ​​Salesforce Developer training. Each of them has its own lecturer:

  • ​​Anastasia Sapihora, Team Leader and Salesforce Architect at Synebo
  • Anatoly Voronov, Salesforce Architect at Synebo

Anastasia's group started studying on March 10. The classes are held twice a week for 2 hours each. Because of the war, the courses are conducted online with Zoom, Anastasia says.

"Communication is stable. We didn't have to reschedule classes because of alarms. Everything is quiet. But because of the remote format, I find it more challenging to get reactions from the folks during the call," shares the lecturer.


The first class of Anatoly's group will be held on April 13.

How does the course help people?

Our instructors have put together a unique program for the course. It covers 5 weeks of classes and allows a person to acquire the basic knowledge of Salesforce.


Anastasia Sapihora says that the course helps:

  • Learn about the Salesforce Developer position from a practical point of view and understand if this direction is interesting
  • Get a minimal set of applicable skills to qualify for a Trainee or Junior Salesforce Developer position
  • Learn about alternative Salesforce fields
  • Get valuable connections for further development

What do students say about the course? (Personal stories only)


Nadia Kibakova has been interested in IT since she was in college. But she did not know which direction to choose. And then, an acquaintance who works as a Salesforce Developer told her about this platform. So she decided to learn more about it and signed up for the Synebo course.

"The course is super. I practically learned from scratch what Salesforce is and how to work with it. They give us lectures, homework, and interview once a week and then provide us with feedback. It's a great way to learn new technology. The teacher is perfect! She writes a comment where you make a mistake and gives you tips if you get stuck. Plus, it was great that there were 30-minute phone calls once a week”.

Next, Nadia plans to develop as a Salesforce Developer. She says she was attracted by the fact that Salesforce is a huge platform that is regularly updated, so you can regularly discover new things about it.


Another of our students is Evgeny Ushakov. What attracted him to the course was that it is helpful for a developer who has little experience to utilize their potential.

"A good impression of Synebo was left by my friend, who has been working here for a year already. Personally, I was interested in the server part of development. And I do not mind the front end, but my heart lies more in the back end. And the course allows me to learn the back-end particularly. So I suppose it's a good chance for a person without any commercial experience to utilize his potential as a developer”.

We are happy to have such students. And we’re sure that they will get a Salesforce Developer job soon