Outsourcing projects and tasks to external companies has become common in the contemporary business world. This way of doing business is very beneficial when companies want to concentrate on what they are good at while sharing their work with an external party with more or the same level of expertise in the project in question.

This allows teams to concentrate more on their growth rather than being overwhelmed with an inflow of numerous tasks that may distract from their primary purpose. Furthermore, if some company lacks expertise, it definitely can go for offshore support and cooperation.

Likewise, at Synebo, we specialize in providing such a sort of collaboration and are very contributory when there is such a need. However, despite the high demand for the kind of services we provide, we understand that there is still a “fear factor” even though outsourcing has become so widespread. Regarding Salesforce offshore outsourcing, we identified the most prominent and influential factors that prevent companies from using external support and project implementation. Here are the top 4 of the biggest fears.       

Concern №1: “Eventually, it will be more expensive”

The first impression any director has is that outsourcing will turn out to be more expensive after all, and something would be done incorrectly, or everything would be completely wrong.

However, if some companies lack resources, using offshore service providers will be less expensive than hiring and maintaining their departments. But this knowledge comes only after a first try. These savings become more apparent as soon as you start calculating both options and realize that eventually, it won’t be more expensive. 

Concern №2: “I won’t be able to control full process”

We must admit that usually, people who take leading positions in companies are very authoritative and want to have everything under control. This is not bad since this desire is genuine – the same thing with trust. However, we cannot have it instantly, especially not taking it for granted. It would be hard for those who have not tried outsourcing services to make the first step.

However, they should not feel like they would be bound to a long-term commitment. This might sound a bit scary, but it is always easier to say yes to a trial-fixed period during which outsourcing companies will do their best. There is nothing prejudice in being afraid, especially if you don’t know the concept. Here I would recommend choosing outsourcing companies with a good reputation and close to your company mindset.        

Concern №3: “Our company is too small and too young”

Many startups or small companies usually think they are too undeveloped to use outsourcing. This is because they are used to executing everything by themselves, and very often, one employee may be at several positions simultaneously. We prefer to call this chasing a mouse rather than killing an elephant. The point is that we should rise above the details and see the bigger picture.

It is always better to focus on something specific and use employees’ resources smartly. But, of course, we cannot do both things perfectly at once. So it’s always good to share some tasks to concentrate on your primary activities. Specifically, if your company is relatively small so far and you don’t have enough resources to hire staff and expand, but you still want to become big, then you have to find less expensive options for doing an extra job. Here is when offshore specialists join the game. 

Concern №4: “What if we are too big?”

Even big companies want to become more prominent, and they have an overflow of projects at one point. So, we would recommend having a couple of options in advance in this case.

Having a reliable offshore company is a perfect backup. Moreover, working with different countries may cause language and cultural barriers, while this outsourcing company might be in that region or close to this culture and become a brilliant ambassador. 

What can you do next?

We would suggest having an outsourcing experiment. We understand that some firms are only approaching this stage and consider this decision differently. The first thing that comes up is a bureaucratic factor outside the scope of simple managers.

Yet, some outsourcing companies try to avoid all unnecessary procedures and usually get to business as soon as possible. Fascinating, but companies understand all the benefits that outsourcing can do for their business, but regarding the first step, they back out. Meanwhile, remember your biggest goals.

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Editor’s Note: This post was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness in January 2022.