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Kind of our Jam

Synebo cares about employees’ mood and comfort. Our people have to be happy, fed well and satisfied. Our huge fridge is packed with delicious ice cream to help us indulge our sweet cravings all year round. Moreover, the company saves employees time and money by providing free optional lunches, delivered directly to the office.

We have dedicated to anything but work. Here, staff are free to enjoy playing table-tennis, PlayStation, table hockey or board games. Since love spending time together, every year we have corporate trips to different countries, making memories to last a lifetime.

Every Friday evening, we host a team-building event called “Happy Hour”: the company provides delicious drinks, pizza and sushi. We just stay in the office and have fun together on our terrace. Once in a while, we get out of the office and visit the ice-rink, cinema, bowling — or even go for a picnic.

What we offer


Option on your choice: Remote or In-office work

Individual development plan

Mentorship programme

Regular performance review

Salesforce certification (at company cost)

Business trips to our partners

Yearly bonus for the development team


Medical insurance at the company’s cost

Payment for sports/cultural activities

COVID-test compensation during a pandemic

Consultation with a psychologist

Paid vacation

Paid sick leaves

Educational programme

English lessons with a native speaker

“Synebo talk” internal educational programme

Soft skills training

Professional courses at the company cost

Corporate culture

Team-building, social events

Corporate trips and travelling abroad

Free lunches

Presents for employees on their anniversary of working in the company

Birthday presents/New Year presents/presents for Company’s Birthday

Regular cultural events in and out of the office

«Happy hour» team-building event every Friday evening (food and drinks at company cost)

Marriage and childbirth encouragement

We always can do something interesting for you. Just say