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Synebo focuses on building comprehensive Salesforce solutions. At Synebo, the most valuable asset we have is the relationship we hold within our team.


We take responsibility

At Synebo, we consider responsibility to be a cornerstone of our success. As a result, we hold ultimate confidence in our employees. And that empowers them to work independently, drawing on their skills and initiative.


We surpass expectations

Synebo works to achieve maximum value from Salesforce, with both standard cloud products and custom development. Our comprehensive experience is fundamental to our success.


We love what we do

Working can be fun. So why not take fun seriously? We love what we do, and we have faith in Synebo. That's why we enjoy working together.

We are dedicated experts

We connect the best CRM with third-party applications and make adjustments.

We develop CRM for enterprises.

We provide an entire team of experts or a single expert on a requirement.

You need a team to work on a Salesforce project. We have such an option. The team including developers, administrators, designer and QA. Our Salesforce specialists are certified and have huge experience in architecting, development and administration.

Remote team or a single specialist

Synebo can provide you with a single specialist or a 100% remote team, depending on your project requirements.

We have professionals in different fields such as architects, front-end and back-end developers, administrators, QA specialists, and designers. Assemble a team or choose separate specialists for your assignment.

Salesforce certifications we have:
Platform Developer I
Platform Developer II
Service Cloud Consultant
Platform App Builder
Integration Architecture Designer
Javascript Developer I
Community Cloud Consultant
Pardot Specialist
Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer
Sharing and Visibility Designer
System Architect
Identity and Access Management Designer
Application Architect
Data Architecture and Management Designer
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Platform
  • Lightning Experience Transition Tools
  • Salesforce Essentials
  • LWC – Lightning Web Component
  • FSL – Field Service Lightning
  • Community Cloud
  • AppExchange related services

Our Values

Customer focus

Readiness to help the client in critical moments at any time

Personal responsibility

For tasks and the ability to manage your work time.

Team player

The ability to delegate work, share information, and help other teams if necessary.

Open door policy

Opportunity to have a personal conversation with anyone when required.


The ability to change the role within the company, opportunity to learn at the company expenses.

People are the firm

Treat the office and all the things as your own. We all use the property, so we have to care about it.

Employee focus

The ability to refuse working on a project in case of insoluble contradictions and an option of transferring the project to another team.

Work hard, play hard

We are all young and ambitious, and we have a strong team spirit. We used to work hard and have fun together.

Our team
We are a team of passionate individuals.
Each of us focuses on finding the best solutions to the most challenging tasks.
Yet, at the same time, we enjoy spending time together outside the office and remain united beyond our work.

Team experience

Our team has a broad range of certifications and vast experience in Salesforce-related technologies

Our philosophy

We work hard for our clients. Our philosophy is to get the job done the best way we can

Have a request? Just let us know!