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At Synebo, the most valuable asset we have is a transparent, trusting relationship with our team.


We take responsibility

At Synebo, we consider responsibility to be a cornerstone of our success. We hold ultimate confidence in our employees — and that empowers them to work independently, drawing on their own skills and initiative.


We surpass expectations

Synebo works to achieve maximum value from Salesforce, with both standard cloud products and custom development. Our comprehensive experience is fundamental to our success.


We love what we do

Working might be fun — so why not take fun seriously? We love what we do and we have faith in Synebo. That's why we enjoy working together.

Our story

Founded in 2015

  • One Month Later

    4 people in a team, small office, and endless passion.

  • 8000+ lines of code later

    We moved to a bigger office

    We built a product we are very proud of: Chrome Extension by Synebo. A best-in-class solution for managing your Salesforce credentials — completely free.

  • 10,000 hours later

    We have certified administrators, developers and consultants in our growing team

  • 2+ years of tech Salesforce support

    with several startup kicks and strategies developed

  • 300+ of successful projects and amazing products launched

Your project may be our next success story

Kind of our Jam

English lessons (in office)

English lessons (in office)
Our company provides free English lessons twice a week, focused on IT terminology. Our employees split into two groups: Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate level of English.

Lunches & Snacks

Lunches & Snacks
Synebo cares about employees’ mood and comfort. Our people have to be happy, fed well and satisfied. Our huge fridge is packed with delicious ice cream to help us indulge our sweet cravings all year round. The company saves employees time and money by providing free optional lunches, delivered directly to the office. Moreover, every day for breakfast we offer healthy sandwiches. During the day our employees may have tea, coffee and get a bite to eat snacks like biscuits, sweets, fruits etc.

Game room

Game room
We have a space in our office, dedicated to anything but work. Here, staff are free to enjoy playing table-tennis, PlayStation, board games, hanging on a climbing frame or even warming up with a punching bag.

Travelling & Corporate Events

Travelling & Corporate Events
Corporate events at Synebo are always so memorable and… numerous. We always celebrate them at nice restaurants or beach clubs (if we’re talking about summertime). Since we love spending time together, every summer we have corporate trips to different countries, making memories to last a lifetime.


This is the most precious part of our corporate culture. Every Friday evening, we host a team-building event called “Happy Hour”: the company provides delicious drinks, pizza and sushi. We just stay in the office and have fun together on our terrace. Once in a while, we get out of the office and visit the ice-rink, cinema, bowling — or even go for a picnic.

Insurance & Sport

Insurance & Sport
We provide medical insurance, which is 100% covered by Synebo. The company also partially covers expenses on various sports activities or gym memberships.

Professional events

Professional events
Synebo completely supports its employees’ professional growth and development. The company covers expenses on passing various certifications related to their work. Likewise, if someone would like to attend any professional seminars, events or courses, Synebo will partially cover it.
Our team
We are a team of passionate individuals.
Each of us is focused on achieving outstanding results and finding solutions to the most challenging tasks. However, we also enjoy spending time together outside the office and remain united beyond our work.

Team experience

Our team has a broad range of certifications and vast experience in Salesforce-related technologies.

Our philosophy

We work hard for our clients. We achieve real results. And our philosophy is to just get the job done the best way we can

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