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Synebo — a Salesforce integration partner is a widely recognized team of experts specializing in Salesforce. With 8+ years of experience, 1000+ projects completed, and 255+ Salesforce certifications, we offer a range of Salesforce integration services. Synebo emphasizes a business-oriented approach.
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Сertified Salesforce Partner and PDO

Synebo is proud to be a Salesforce Crest partner (formerly known as Salesforce Gold partner). This recognition highlights our proficiency as a Salesforce consultant for businesses from various industries worldwide and reflects our drive to innovate and digitalize the modern CRM landscape.
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Salesforce Integration
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<b>In Need of Salesforce Integration With <br> a Third-Party App </b> <br> <br>Businesses that have a Salesforce CRM, yet, look to integrate a suite of external products with it for optimal productivity.
In Need of Salesforce Integration With
a Third-Party App

Businesses that have a Salesforce CRM, yet, look to integrate a suite of external products with it for optimal productivity.
<b>Seeking a Third-Party App Integration <br>  With Salesforce  </b> <br> <br> Businesses that have digital products like e-commerce platforms, fintech apps, etc., and aim to integrate them with Salesforce.
Seeking a Third-Party App Integration
With Salesforce

Businesses that have digital products like e-commerce platforms, fintech apps, etc., and aim to integrate them with Salesforce.

Salesforce Integration Services We Provide

Synebo Salesforce integration consultant has an extensive suite of services to offer. We ensure a smooth integration of Salesforce-based solutions into any digital environment or vice versa, a seamless work of any third-party app with Salesforce.
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Salesforce REST API integration allows for accessing Salesforce data using simple HTTP methods, in either XML or JSON format. This API is best suited for mobile applications and web projects due to its stateless operations.


SOAP API integration in Salesforce offers a robust and secure way to exchange structured information, using XML-based messaging. Ideal for real-time client applications, it provides a high level of data integrity and confidentiality.

Bulk API

The Salesforce Bulk API is designed for managing large data sets efficiently. It's optimal for asynchronous data operations, making it suitable for apps using batch processing or integration with large databases.

Streaming API

Salesforce Streaming API provides a real-time stream of data, using push technology. This Salesforce API integration is ideal for applications requiring instant updates, like dashboards and real-time monitoring systems.

Outbound Messages

Salesforce outbound messages enable automatic sending of information to external services. This feature is particularly useful in triggering specific actions or notifications in marketing automation or customer support apps that are based on Salesforce events.

Web Service Callouts

Salesforce web service callouts are used for invoking external web services from Salesforce. This is crucial for integrating with external APIs and services, and enhancing the Salesforce ERP systems or financial software with additional functionality.

Salesforce Connect

As an app cloud integration service, Salesforce Connect allows the integration of external data sources into Salesforce. It is perfect for creating seamless experiences with external cloud and on-premises data necessary for cloud applications, BI tools, etc.

Heroku Connect

Salesforce Heroku Connect facilitates the synchronization of data between Salesforce and Heroku databases. This service is tailored for IoT, eCommerce, and other apps needing to leverage both Salesforce’s CRM capabilities and Heroku’s powerful cloud services.

Client Success Stories

Salesforce Integration
Synebo worked well with Agile development. They understood business needs and were very effective. When our design isn't complete, they came up with a very good ideas based on their experience.
Gabriel Hacmi, Founder, Beverage Company
Salesforce Integration, Sales Cloud Implemenation
They (Synebo) helped the client with their CRM implementation and HubSpot integration. The workflow and communication were clear and effective throughout the collaboration.
Sergiy Lemeshko, Salesforce Consultant
Salesforce Integration, Managed Package Development
Synebo integrated the client's platform with their end customers' systems. The team is a delight to work with. They are willing to teach and explain things that are new to us in the world of Salesforce.
Roni Moses, Product Manager, Medisafe
Salesforce Development & Integartion
Synebo’s teammates have integrated effectively with the client’s team. Synebo meets the client’s expectations and meets deadlines, showing excellent project management skills.
Manager, Consulting Company
Salesforce Integration
Synebo provided Salesforce integration for a payroll and HR project. Their team met all deadlines and QA tested at a high level. They over-delivered and the product is used daily.
Reuven Kogan, CEO, Pharmbills LLC
Salesforce Integration & QA Automation
They led effective project management, using the Scrum framework within the Agile methodology to keep the client informed. Synebo's talented team communicated effectively through in-person and virtual meetings.
Executive, TEC Software Solutions
Integration Services Cost
Integration Services Cost

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Salesforce Products We Work With

Sales Cloud
Sales Cloud Core, Sales Cloud Einstein, Inbox, Salesforce Maps, Salesforce Engagement, Einstein Sales Analytics
Revenue Cloud
Service Cloud
Digital Engagement, Service Cloud Einstein, Field Service, Contact Center
Marketing Cloud

Journey Builder, Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Marketing Cloud Advertising, Marketing Cloud Personalization (formerly Interaction Studio), Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot)

Experience Cloud
Experience Cloud Core, CMS, Self Service, Partner Relationship, Knowledge Base
Salesforce Platform
Automation, Platform Development, Lightning UI/UX Development, Security & Privacy, AppExchange, Integration Services, Metadata Architecture
Commerce Cloud
B2B Commerce, Order Management
Industries Clouds
Finance Cloud, Health Cloud, Salesforce for Nonprofits

How Do You Work With Our Salesforce Integration Experts?

Discovery and Planning

Our Salesforce integration consultants conduct a thorough analysis to understand your business practices in place, digital infrastructure, and integration goals, ensuring a foundation for successful Salesforce integration projects.

Team Assembly

We assemble a team of Salesforce experts, whose expertise and expertise are best fit for your project's needs. We ensure productive collaboration, effective management, and streamlined communication in the project.

Integration Process

Synebo crafts a tailored integration strategy. Then define the most optimal out of Salesforce Integration options, taking into consideration pre-build connectors, APIs, and other solutions. After that, we develop the integration with necessary customizations for your specific requirements.

Testing and Validation

This step involves rigorous testing by Salesforce experts to validate the functionality, performance, and accuracy of the Salesforce integration, ensuring a robust and reliable system. We use both manual and automated QA methods.

Integration Deployment

Following extensive testing, the Salesforce integration is carefully deployed to your production environment. We utilize stringent security measures to protect business data and meet data safety regulations.

Ongoing Support

Our team is ready to offer continuous support for your Salesforce app integration. We monitor performance and suggest enhancements for ongoing optimization to ensure that the integration adapts to your evolving business needs flawlessly.
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Our Portfolio

medisafe _1660х1162
Integration of Salesforce for a Medisafe company
The challenge was to ensure two-way, secure synchronization with dynamic data mapping between Salesforce and Medisafe server. Our solution was a managed package offering JWT connection, REST resource endpoint, and dynamic data handling. Successful deployment helped with continuous improvement and market expansion.
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Multiple Platform Integration for a Healthcare Technology Company
The challenge was to integrate multiple platforms into the infrastructure. Our solution was centered around a custom development of components. The client achieved increased revenue, enhancement of its competitiveness, and improvement of scalability.
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efp _1660х1162
Salesforce Package for Fintech Provider
Synebo’s client identified the need to integrate financial data into their Salesforce platform. We developed and integrated a Salesforce package that enables the display of integrated data. We achieved increased workability and flexibility of the customer’s product.
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AppsFlyer _1660х1162
Community and Help Center Development for AppsFlyer
AppsFlyer came to Synebo with a request for a Partner Community creation. We conducted research and designed and developed a community. As a result, AppsFlyer got an integration of the existing Zendesk Help Center with a newly built community.
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PandaDoc _1660х1162
CPQ package on the AppExchange for PandaDoc
Synebo was asked to conduct the creation of a high-quality CPQ AppExchange package. Upon the development and listing of the CPQ package, the PandaDoc team was able to provide a solution for document signing within Salesforce.
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