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Synebo — a Salesforce consulting partner, stands out as a widely recognized team of experts in the Salesforce environment. With 8+ years of experience, 1000+ projects completed, and 255+ Salesforce certifications, we offer Salesforce consulting services. We emphasize a business-oriented approach.
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Сertified Salesforce partner and PDO

Synebo is proud to be a Salesforce Crest partner (formerly known as Salesforce Gold partner). This recognition highlights our proficiency as a Salesforce consultant for businesses from various industries worldwide and reflects our drive to innovate and digitalize the modern CRM landscape
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Salesforce Consulting
Is for Those Who Are
<b>New to the <br>  Salesforce Platform </b> <br> <br>Businesses that are only preparing to work with a CRM or ones who are migrating from another CRM to Salesforce
New to the
Salesforce Platform

Businesses that are only preparing to work with a CRM or ones who are migrating from another CRM to Salesforce
<b>Looking to Optimize <br> Their Salesforce Flow</b><br><br>Businesses that have a working Salesforce CRM, yet, require its optimization, customization, or modernization
Looking to Optimize
Their Salesforce Flow

Businesses that have a working Salesforce CRM, yet, require its optimization, customization, or modernization
<b>In Need for Staff Training <br> on Salesforce Usage </b> <br><br> Businesses that need to ensure that their staff can use vast Salesforce functionalities in their work professionally
In Need for Staff Training
on Salesforce Usage

Businesses that need to ensure that their staff can use vast Salesforce functionalities in their work professionally

Salesforce Consulting Services We Provide

Synebo Salesforce consulting company has an extensive suite of services to offer. We aim to cover every possible need related to ensuring flawless customer interactions and workflow using Salesforce.
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Salesforce Migration

With this option, Synebo provides Salesforce CRM consulting focused on creating the strategy for Salesforce Migration. We advise and guide you throughout the process to ensure a successful transition of your workflow processes to the new CRM.

Salesforce Security Review

Within the scope of our Salesforce system and user security review service, Synebo provides all necessary aid to prepare your digital product for passing security review. Alternatively, we can independently navigate and pass the security review on your behalf.

Salesforce Application Architecture

Synebo's Salesforce architecture consulting service includes determining the best software architecture model for your product, creating a strategy for the development, and guidance throughout the process. We can also examine the existing architecture and provide recommendations

Salesforce Pre-release Consulting

As an experienced Salesforce consulting company, Synebo offers assistance with creating your pre-release strategy for a successful go-to-market. We can strategize for listing on Salesforce AppExchange or any other app marketplace

Salesforce Training & User Adoption

Synebo provides professional Salesforce user training focused on educating your personnel to work with basic and advanced Salesforce functionalities. We guide training based on current and potential workflow needs that a business has.

Client Success Stories

Salesforce development & consulting
I was impressed by their (Synebo) ability to provide the right skills at the right time and the manner in which they handled any change during the project.
Managing Partner, Tailored-ICS BV
Salesforce consulting & integration
They (Synebo) have over-delivered in whatever they promised us at every stage. The project management was effective. Their work was very effective.
Reuven Kogan, CEO, Pharmbills LLC
Service cloud
It was a true pleasure working with Synebo team for 3.5 years. The value this company gave us is priceless. Amazing People! Amazing Company.
Isahar Profis, Salesforce Delivery Manager, Lumos Global
PDO/AppExchange, Nonprofit Solutions
Their (Synebo) Salesforce skills, excellent communications, and ability to deliver on time and on budget are truly exceptional.
Representative of Professional Services Agency
Cloud Consulting & Salesforce Integration
I was quite happy how it (project) was done, it basically exceeded my expectations. I would also like to note the ability of the team (Synebo) to communicate in case of the difficulties or uncertainty.
Sergiy Lemeshko, Salesforce Consultant
Custom Salesforce development & consulting
They (Synebo) always deliver on the promise, even if it's a complex project. We are very happy with the result - this is why we continue to work with Synebo.
Eran Ben Horin, CFO, Madlan
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Salesforce Products We Work With

Sales Cloud
Sales Cloud Core, Sales Cloud Einstein, Inbox, Salesforce Maps, Salesforce Engagement, Einstein Sales Analytics
Revenue Cloud
Service Cloud
Digital Engagement, Service Cloud Einstein, Field Service, Contact Center
Marketing Cloud
Journey Builder, Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Marketing Cloud Advertising, Marketing Cloud Personalization (formerly Interaction Studio), Marketing Cloud Account, Engagement (formerly Pardot)
Experience Cloud
Experience Cloud Core, CMS, Self Service, Partner Relationship, Knowledge Base
Salesforce Platform
Automation, Platform Development, Lightning UI/UX Development, Security & Privacy, AppExchange, Integration Services, Metadata Architecture
Commerce Cloud
B2B Commerce, Order Management
Industries Clouds
Finance Cloud, Health Cloud, Salesforce for Nonprofits

When Do You Need to Involve a Salesforce Consultant in the Project?

At the Project Start

At the Project Start

A Salesforce consultant can be engaged as early as, depending on your project, during ideation, requirements gathering, business model defining, and market researching. This ensures that the intended Salesforce implementation is aligned with business needs, allocated resources, and time constraints, at the very beginning.
During the Architecture Design

During the Architecture Design

Some businesses involve a Salesforce consulting partner in a project when they are crafting the architecture design plan. It enables a consultant to provide recommendations for adjustments or changes in the design before the efforts toward one or another architecture are made and resources wasted.
Between Sprints

Between Sprints

After the start of a project, Salesforce experts in consulting are often engaged between implementation phases, milestones, or sprints. It helps for smoother integration of a consultant in the existing process, and, often, provides some preparation time for both parties involved.
At the Deployment Stage

At the Deployment Stage

Right before or during the deployment phase, Salesforce-certified experts can be involved to guide the smooth implementation. Besides, they can also train staff on Salesforce usage, ensuring that no interruption in the workflow because of slow user adoption is possible.
At Any Stage, on Demand

At Any Stage, on Demand

Sometimes it’s hard to strategize for the need for Salesforce consulting, especially if the matter is urgent. In such a case, a Salesforce consultant can be requested to join the project at any stage, focusing their effort on the most pressing challenges.

Our Portfolio

efp _1660х1162
Salesforce Package for Fintech Provider
Synebo’s client identified the need to integrate financial data into their Salesforce platform. We developed and integrated a Salesforce package that enables the display of integrated data. We achieved increased workability and flexibility of the customer’s product.
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AppsFlyer _1660х1162
Community and Help Center Development for AppsFlyer
AppsFlyer came to Synebo with a request for a Partner Community creation. We conducted research and designed and developed a community. As a result, AppsFlyer got an integration of the existing Zendesk Help Center with a newly built community.
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PandaDoc _1660х1162
CPQ package on the AppExchange for PandaDoc
Synebo was asked to conduct the creation of a high-quality CPQ AppExchange package. Upon the development and listing of the CPQ package, the PandaDoc team was able to provide a solution for document signing within Salesforce.
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Blog Articles


1. What is Salesforce Consulting?

It’s a suite of expert services helping businesses maximize the use of Salesforce CRM for improved customer communication, technology usage, operational efficiency, and business processes.

2. Is Salesforce consulting worth it?

Some of the business values of Salesforce consulting are:

  • Enhanced Salesforce CRM efficiency
  • Tailored solutions aligned with market and technology best practices 
  • Strategic business insights and external view
  • Smooth implementation and integration, even in complex projects
  • Ongoing support and training as per industry standards
3. What sets Synebo apart from other salesforce consulting companies?

Synebo, as a Salesforce consulting partner, can be distinguished by its unique approach to Salesforce solutions, focusing on customized strategies tailored to each client’s specific needs. We can also offer extensive expertise in complex integrations and showcase a track record of successful projects. Besides, we craft complex front-end solutions, work with the community, develop Salesforce products, have experience with CPQ and Marketing Cloud, and can migrate to Salesforce from other CRM systems or set up a Salesforce environment for a customer.

4. How can Salesforce consulting services help optimize our business processes?

Salesforce consulting can optimize business processes by:

  • Assisting with repetitive task automation
  • Integrating various business systems for seamless operation
  • Providing comprehensive data analysis for informed decision-making
  • Enhancing customer relationship management
5. How can I get started with Synebo's Salesforce consulting services?

To start with Synebo’s Salesforce consulting services, follow these steps.

  1. Reach out to us directly via the contact form on our website. Kindly provide us with basic requests and project details so we can help you more swiftly
  2. Our experts will get back to you in the shortest time possible
  3. We’ll schedule a meeting with you at a convenient date and time to discuss your business needs and goals
  4. We’ll guide you through the process of developing a tailored Salesforce strategy
6. How can the Synebo Salesforce consulting team help me with AppExchage?

The Synebo team can assist you with AppExchange by:

  • Creating a strategy for development and listing an app on Salesforce AppExchange.
  • Advising on how to pass the business plan and security reviews
  • Helping with the selection of the right apps from the AppExchange environment
  • Strategizing for the listing of custom apps on AppExchange
  • Advising on measures to ensure seamless integration and operation of an AppExchange product with your existing Salesforce setup
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