Salesforce Logins

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We created this Salesforce login Chrome extension to help every Salesforce user manage their login credentials easily and, most importantly, securely.
Manage your Salesforce credentials easily and securely

Salesforce Logins helps you

Store your login credentials in one place
Prevent any login data leaks
Save time and boost productivity

How to use Salesforce Logins?

Salesforce Logins from the Chrome Web Store
by adding the extension to your browser
accessing all your Salesforce login credentials with one click
Get Salesforce Logins

A quick note from the team

Hey there! We hope you'll enjoy using our app. We've worked immensely hard to make it functional and free of charge as part of our commitment to bringing value to the Salesforce community. So if you'd like to say thanks, we'd really appreciate a coffee :) And don't feel pressured if you can't, we'll continue launching free apps for Salesforce nevertheless. Wishing you a wonderful day!
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A quick note from the team