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Synebo — a Salesforce AppExchange partner, is a widely known company specializing in tech services related to Salesforce. With over 8 years on the market, over 1000 projects delivered, and 255+ Salesforce certifications in the team, we offer end-to-end Salesforce AppExchange development services. Synebo emphasizes a business-oriented approach.
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Сertified Salesforce Partner and ISV

Synebo Salesforce AppExchange partner is proud to also be a consulting Salesforce Crest partner and Ridge ISV partner. This recognition emphasizes our proficiency as a Salesforce development company for businesses from various industries, reflecting our team’s drive to innovate in the modern CRM landscape.
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Salesforce Appexchange Development
Is for Those Who
<b>Seek Enhancement for Existing Product</b> <br> <br>Businesses that have a digital product and need to expand its reach to a new marketplace such as AppExchange.
Seek Enhancement for Existing Product

Businesses that have a digital product and need to expand its reach to a new marketplace such as AppExchange.
<b>Need AppExchange Guidance</b> <br> <br>Businesses that plan to launch to AppExchange and need assistance with development and listing on it.
Need AppExchange Guidance

Businesses that plan to launch to AppExchange and need assistance with development and listing on it.
<b>Look for ISV Accelerate Program</b> <br> <br>Businesses that want to join the Salesforce program providing funds and a voucher for AppExchange.
Look for ISV Accelerate Program

Businesses that want to join the Salesforce program providing funds and a voucher for AppExchange.
<b>Need Salesforce Ecosystem Integration</b> <br> <br>Businesses that have a working platform, software, or service and need to integrate it with the Salesforce ecosystem.
Need Salesforce Ecosystem Integration

Businesses that have a working platform, software, or service and need to integrate it with the Salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce AppExchange Services We Provide

Synebo as a trusted Salesforce development company, handles every aspect of AppExchange development. Reach out to us should you need the following Salesforce AppExchange development services from an experienced and certified provider.
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AppExchange Security Review Assistance

Synebo offers comprehensive AppExchange Security Review Assistance, providing tailored security strategies and expert guidance to ensure your app meets Salesforce's stringent security standards.

AppExchange App Development

As a leading Salesforce development company, Synebo specializes in AppExchange app development, crafting custom solutions that enhance functionality and drive business growth.

AppExchange App Testing

Leverage Synebo's Salesforce testing expertise to ensure the reliability and performance of your AppExchange apps, delivering a seamless and error-free user experience.

AppExchange Architecture Design

Synebo's Salesforce app architecture design services focus on creating scalable, efficient, and robust solutions that align with your business objectives and ensure long-term success.

Maintenance and Support

As a Salesforce AppExchange Partner, Synebo offers comprehensive maintenance and support services to keep your apps updated, secure, and functioning smoothly.

AppExchange Listing

Maximize your app's exposure with Synebo's AppExchange listing services. We guide you through the listing process, ensuring your app reaches its target audience effectively.

Client Success Stories

Managed Package Development, Salesforce Integration
Synebo created a Salesforce managed package for a pharmaceutical software company. The team is very organized and is a delight to work with.
Roni Moses, Product Manager, Medisafe
PDO/AppExchange, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud
Overall, I am highly satisfied with the performance of Synebo's team, as well as your professionalism, expertise, and commitment.
Representative of Energy & Utilities Company
Сustom Salesforce Development & Administration
The team at Synebo has excellent employees with a strong background and excellent attitude. They are excited, communicative, helpful, and quick to respond.
Omer Paz, Head of Business Applications, Similarweb
Custom Salesforce Development & Consulting
Synebo has delivered great work, securing an ongoing collaboration. They managed the project exceptionally well, empowering the client in their daily operations.
Eran Ben Horin, CFO, Madlan
PDO/AppExchange, Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud
Synebo team has demonstrated excellent skill and professionalism, overcoming challenges with grace and delivering outstanding innovative solution.
Representative of High Tech Company
Custom Salesforce Development
Synebo met all deadlines and QA tested at a high level. They over-delivered and the product is used daily. The project management was effective.
Reuven Kogan, CEO, Pharmbills LLC
Security Review Cost
Security Review Cost

Check the starting price for expert security review.

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Salesforce AppExchange Development with Synebo

Product Development

Synebo stars the product development in compliance with Salesforce AppExchange standards, focusing on robust security and quality from the ground up. We ensure alignment with Salesforce security guidelines early on, creating a secure and efficient application.

Package Assembly

The Synebo team expertly compiles all necessary components, features, and functionalities into a Salesforce package ready for deployment. We adhere to Salesforce AppExchange security protocols and ensure a seamless and secure integration.

Setting up Salesforce Code Analyzers and Scanning

Scanning with Salesforce Code Analyzer enables to examine code for potential issues to improve quality, security, and adherence to best practices. With this best practice, Synebo ensures compliance with rigorous Salesforce AppExchange security review standards.

Testing & Doc Preparation

With thorough QA testing, Synebo ensures the intended functionality and security. In this stage, we also prepare comprehensive documentation to streamline the review process minimizing the number of review attempts. We also organize credentials and help pass the package for a smooth Salesforce security review process.

Optional Business Review

Synebo offers optional consulting services for a business review, providing expert insights and advice to align the Salesforce solution with specific business objectives and strategies. This way we help ensure a strategy that meets Salesforce security guidelines.

Security Review Process & Publishing

Synebo team takes part in the Salesforce AppExchange security review process, making all the requested updates and preparing the app for additional reviews if needed. Upon successful approval, Synebo finalizes the process by publishing the application on Salesforce AppExchange, making it accessible to users and businesses globally.
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Our Portfolio

medisafe _1660х1162
Integration of Salesforce for a Medisafe company
The challenge was to ensure two-way, secure synchronization with dynamic data mapping between Salesforce and Medisafe server. Our solution was a managed package offering JWT connection, REST resource endpoint, and dynamic data handling. Successful deployment helped with continuous improvement and market expansion.
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Kali _1660х1162
Salesforce Lightning Web Component for Kali
The Kali team aimed to give their clients a clear view of their financial health. We built and integrated a Lightning component inside a client’s customer community. Now, Kali’s customers can review and export analytical data easily.
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PandaDoc _1660х1162
CPQ package on the AppExchange for PandaDoc
Synebo was asked to conduct the creation of a high-quality CPQ AppExchange package. Upon the development and listing of the CPQ package, the PandaDoc team was able to provide a solution for document signing within Salesforce.
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Cooby case cover (1)
Sales Process Simplification for Cooby
Their goal was to simplify the sales process by eliminating the need to switch back and forth between WhatsApp and Salesforce for CRM tasks. We developed an advanced Salesforce integration, which enhanced prospect interaction visibility.
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Blog Articles


1. What is AppExchange app development?

AppExchange app development involves creating custom applications for Salesforce’s AppExchange platform. These apps extend Salesforce’s capabilities, providing tailored solutions for various business needs, enhancing functionality, and improving user experience.

2. What types of Salesforce AppExchange Apps can you develop?

Synebo specializes in developing a wide range of Salesforce AppExchange Apps, including:

  • CRM extensions
  • Business process automation tools
  • industry-specific solutions 
  • Integrations with external systems
  • Basically, any other Salesforce-based solution at the customer’s request
3. How much time does it take to list an app on Salesforce AppExchange?

The time required to list an app on Salesforce AppExchange can vary, typically ranging from a minimum of 5 to 8 weeks and even more. This duration depends on factors such as the app’s complexity, the completeness of the documentation, and the efficiency of the security review process, including the number of review requests in a queue.

4. ow to pass the Salesforce AppExchange security review?

Proper preparation and understanding of Salesforce’s requirements are key to a smooth review process. While there is a lot to account for in passing security review, partnering with an expert Salesforce development partner is the right call for most companies. Contact Synebo should you need assistance with AppExchange. 

5. Do you provide a guarantee that the package will pass the security review?

While Synebo provides extensive guidance and support to ensure your package is well-prepared for the security review, approval from the first attempt is rare. Yet, we’ll definitely make all the necessary updates to your software solution so it passes the security review upon the minimal possible number of attempts and with minimum unnecessary expenses. 

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