How Much Do Our Services Cost?

Every business has unique needs and goals.
That's why our pricing is tailored to each client's individual requirements. We create a unique proposal for every project, offering only what our client needs rather than trying to sell more features to make a profit.
You can rest assured that we'll never waste your time or money.

How do we calculate the cost?

We calculate project cost in three simple steps. Our CTO or PMO will handle the estimation, ensuring that you get the results your business requires – no more, no less.
Intro call
Our sales manager asks questions to understand your needs.
Technical expert meeting
Our CTO or PMO answers all your questions and gives advice on the optimal solution for the business.
High-level project estimation
Our CTO/PMO forecast the time, cost, and resources needed to deliver a project.
We send you a description of the proposed solution alongside its benefits, cost, and timeline for implementation.
We can estimate a whole project or a single task — everything to save your money
Implementation examples with pricing
Below are some of the basic services and their starting prices
Guidelines and assistance for security review


  • Scanning package for vulnerabilities
  • Submitting package from Partner Console
  • Communicate with Salesforce regarding the security issues
  • Writing false positives
  • The guide about the process and best practice, consulting and answering questions
20-30 hours
From $1,000
Monthly support of an organization with up to 100 internal users


  • Updating objects, fields, layouts, flow, etc
  • Development research and bug fixing
  • Non-code research and bug fixing
  • New features development (with declarative tools)
80-120 hours
From $4,000
Basic integration

Our team specializes in seamless integration with any third-party service within the tough deadline, no matter the complexity. Whether it’s a basic bidirectional integration with Hubspot or a more intricate third-party integration, we’ve got you covered.

80 hours
From $4,000
Customer service implementation & CTI


  • Salesforce integration with a CTI vendor
  • Web to phone for utility bar
  • Contact Search
  • Log a call
200 hours
From $10,000
Classic to Lightning Migration

Classic to Lightning Migration includes the following steps:

  • New Lightning Pages and Applications
  • Branding
  • Update Dashboards and Report Charts
  • Custom links
  • Migrate JS button into LWC
80-100 hours
From $4,000
Basic Community setup without advanced styling

The Basic Community setup without advanced styling includes:

  • Research and chose the optimal community template
  • Consult about community license
  • Setup pages and components
  • Add branding (logo, branding colors, background)
60 hours
From $3,000
Advances Community with standard components


  • Researching and selecting the optimal community template
  • Consulting on community license
  • Setup pages and components
  • Custom theme development (custom footer/header, custom layouts, mobile view)
140 hours
From $7,000
No-code application development


  • Creating a data model (objects and fields)
  • Creating a layout and lightning pages
  • Permissions
  • Flow automation
40 hours
From $2,000
Pre-release consulting and check-up

Salesforce has three releases per year, and some releases may require research and even organizational changes. That’s why we offer a Pre-Release consulting and check-up service.  After the check-up, our customers receive a document that outlines possible threats and necessary changes that need to be made to ensure a smooth transition.

40 hours
From $2,000

Why should you choose Synebo?

Quality within strict deadlines
Quality within strict deadlines
We're always on the customer's side
We're always on the customer's side
We build scalable projects
We build scalable projects
We prevent problems before they occur
We prevent problems before they occur
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