How Salesforce Integration Simplified the Sales Process for Cooby

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Meet the hero Meet the hero

Cooby is the ultimate platform designed to revolutionize how sales professionals interact with prospects on WhatsApp.

With Cooby’s innovative signature product, the Cooby Chrome Extension, people can finally gain much-needed visibility over their interactions with prospects. This groundbreaking data-driven platform is the first of its kind, integrating WhatsApp seamlessly with Salesforce and other productivity tools for quick and comfortable lead management.

The challenge The challenge

The Cooby team set out to create a cutting-edge Salesforce integration that would help sales reps manage their leads on WhatsApp. Their ultimate goal was to simplify the sales process by eliminating the need to switch back and forth between WhatsApp and Salesforce for CRM tasks.

They aimed to synchronize Contacts, Leads, Accounts, and Opportunities between Salesforce and their extension, allowing users to attach WhatsApp chats to Salesforce records easily.

About the client
Computer Industry, IoT & Digital Intelligence
Xinyi Road, Taipei
Founded in
The beginning of the project
Jun 2022
The end of the project
Oct 2022

Our solution

To streamline CRM tasks and eliminate the need for toggling between WhatsApp and Salesforce, we developed an advanced Salesforce integration using the LWC framework and Apex. This enabled us to deliver a smooth and user-friendly experience.

Here are just a few of the amazing things that the Synebo team accomplished while handling every aspect of the project
– Designed a sleek UI component that allowed users to effortlessly view chats and dialogues from WhatsApp directly in their CRM.
– Developed an API that enables users to search for leads in their CRM using phone numbers from WhatsApp.
– Built an API that makes it easy to update contact information in Salesforce within WhatsApp, including the ability to attach WhatsApp chats to Salesforce records with just a few clicks.
Technologies used
Provided services
Salesforce Application Development
Integration with 3rd Party
ISV and AppExchange development

The result The result

Our development team delivered a seamless integration solution for Cooby, which has attracted more customers seeking to simplify their lead management. This revolutionary integration has eliminated the need to switch between WhatsApp and CRM, saving valuable time and enabling sales professionals to focus on customer success.

Enhanced prospect interaction visibility
Enhanced prospect interaction visibility
Efficient CRM integration
Efficient CRM integration
Time-saving sales process
Time-saving sales process

Project Scope and Team Structure

4 months
Project duration
Project working hours
3 specialists
The team involved: Salesforce Developer, Front-end Developer, Project Manager
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