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How and Why to Use Salesforce for Nonprofits?
Here, we talk about Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, Nonprofit Success Pack, and how both of them can help nonprofit companies grow.
Salesforce Sales Cloud from A to Z
This article is for people who want to understand how Sales Cloud works, and what are the main Sales Cloud features they can use to boost sales.
Salesforce Licenses: How to Understand and Choose?
This post will help you understand how Salesforce Licenses work, and give you a few tips on how to choose the right ones for your business.
Benefits of Classic to Lightning Migration
Let's find out the reasons why to migrate to Salesforce Lightning, and what's wrong with Salesforce Classic.
What is Salesforce Flow, and Why Do You Need It?
Here, we'll explain the Salesforce Flow basics, types of flows and what is the main reason to use them.
15 Types of Salesforce Clouds
Learn all types of Salesforce Clouds, and how they can empower your business.
5 Examples of the Best CRM for Nonprofit Organizations
If you still don't know how to select the best CRM for nonprofits and struggle to find the right options, this article is here to help
What Is Hybrid Work, And How to Make It Work?
Let's sort things out about a hybrid work model in general, its types and implementation.
Social Media CRM, or How to Get Closer to Your Customers
What's the difference between Social CRM and traditional CRM? And which one of them does your business need? Let's find out!
Hows, Whys, and Whats of AI in CRM
What does AI bring to CRM? How can it help your business? And what are the examples of AI in CRM? All of these are right here in this article.
What is Beneficial in CRM for Nonprofits?
How can CRM address four main charity challenges, and what benefits does CRM have for nonprofits? All of it is right here for you.
Salesforce Security in Plain Words
Know cybersecurity challenges and risks you might face, and learn how you can address them on Salesforce. No data breaches anymore!
How to Manage Remote Teams Without Controlling
Learn how to overcome the challenges of managing remote employees and what tools for remote workers are your first must.
How Churn Prediction Helps Reduce Customer Loss
Do you want to reduce customer attrition rate? Then, try customer churn prediction. This technique can help increase customer retention drastically.
We Help Ukrainians Take the Salesforce Developer Course
Salesforce Developer training is an excellent opportunity to find a remote position. And this is the thing a lot of Ukrainians are looking for.
21 Best Nonprofit Software Tools to Enhance Your Work
Looking for powerful nonprofit software? Here are the best CRM for nonprofits, fundraising, donor management systems, etc.
8 Ways to Streamline Your Business with Salesforce Development
How can Salesforce development help you increase sales, save money and prevent manual data entry errors? Here are the guidelines.
CMS Hub: The Guide to Managing Your Website
Want to build your website without hiring additional specialists? Then, consider using a content management system – for example, the HubSpot CMS Hub.
API Management: How to Use MuleSoft Anypoint Platform?
Have you ever wondered how MuleSoft works? Then take a look at our brief intro to learn about the main MuleSoft features.
Hybrid App Development: Top 3 Frameworks for 2022
Do you want to create a mobile app for your company? Here are 3 best hybrid app frameworks to help you.
Commerce Cloud B2B vs. B2C. What Is the Difference?
Commerce Cloud B2B and Commerce Cloud B2C are two core eCommerce solutions on Salesforce. How do they differ, and which one should you choose?
Commerce Cloud B2C. Detailed and Сlear [+Reviews]
What software is best for eCommerce? Let’s take a look at Salesforce Cloud Commerce (Demandware). It’s perfect for B2C sales.
Ecommerce Business Automation: the Ultimate Guide for 2022
Are you looking for how to automate your eCommerce business? Then this data-driven guide will be helpful. Pro tips and insights included!
How to Choose a CRM System for Your B2B Company?
To share the most useful insights, we’ve talked to marketing directors and CEOs of companies of different sizes and featured their opinions in the article.
How to Find the Best Company for Developing Your Org in Salesforce
IT Outsourcing services can save your time and money. Especially if you want to outsource CRM development. But how to choose the right provider?
What is Salesforce Product Development Outsourcer (PDO)?
Salesforce PDOs can be a huge help for enterprises that use AppExchange to support integrations. What exactly do they do?
How can your company operate during the Corona crisis? And how to make profits in difficult conditions and expand your business? Look at our experience.
Synebo Featured as Top Business in IT & Business Services by Clutch
Clutch has highlighted the 100 fastest-growing companies in Ukraine and the top CRM consultants in a special report.
Lightning Universal Lookup Component Version 2.10
Lightning Universal Lookup Component Version 2.10 is available now. Check out our product for Salesforce developers and administrators.
Kickstart Your Salesforce Career in Ukraine with Synebo Free Courses
How to learn Salesforce? And how to get the job offer right after studying? This article covers the basics of becoming a Salesforce Admin or Developer.
When it comes to Salesforce App Development
When it comes to Salesforce App Development it is always becoming confusing for clients, therefore, here are some stages to clarify.
Deploy Angular App to Salesforce
Here our developer Aleksandr Havrylov gives you complete instructions on deploying an Angular app to Salesforce without suffering and pain.
Salesforce certification
What's Salesforce certification? How can you get it? How much does it cost? Check out the answers in this article.
Emails via Microsoft Outlook API from your Salesforce Org
In this blog, Salesforce Developer explains how to connect your Salesforce org with Outlook using Microsoft Graph API.
Why companies are so scared of outsourcing?
Here we've gathered the most common reasons companies are so scared of outsourcing. We've also explained how to avoid those risks and problems.
Lightning Universal Lookup Component Version 2.0
The new version of LULC allows you to develop the Salesforce platform easier. Here are the guidelines on how to use it.
Salesforce in Ukraine
Do you want to save your money by outsourcing Salesforce development? What country offers the best solutions? Here we're answering all these questions.
Dynamic programming
What is dynamic programming and its examples? This guide offers you solutions to the most popular problems.
Design tips for UI and UX
Our designer Diana talks about the most common UI/UX design mistakes. She'll show you how to fix them correctly using smart and user-friendly UI/UX design.
Salesforce Logins by Synebo
How to automate managing your Salesforce accounts? Here we explain how a credentials manager can solve your problem for free.
Lightning Universal Lookup Component
We found a problem with the new Salesforce CRM that can be annoying and time-consuming. And we've solved it to improve your Lightning Experience.
Facebook Marketing Campaigns Package
Have you been thinking about how to automate your Facebook audience uploading process in Salesforce? We too. And this is what we found out.
Outsourcing Offshore Versus Domestic
What's the difference between offshore and domestic Salesforce development? And how outsourcing can benefit you? Check out the answers here.
The Benefits Of Outsourcing To A Virtual Assistant
Not sure if you need to hire a virtual assistant for outsourcing CRM development? Here are tips and insights that will help you decide.