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Alina Tserkoniuk
Salesforce Admin, Wrocław

"Synebo does a great job helping career changers master a promising profession. The Salesforce Admin course was well-structured and practical, with supportive instructors and real-life projects. It boosted my c

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Dmitry Gubsky
Salesforce Admin, Odesa

"I took an admin course two years ago. That was impressively effective - the study format was very convenient and demanded only a couple of hours per day, since the course used a specialized SF learning platfor

Evgeny Pavlenko
Salesforce Developer, Odesa
“I'm well familiar with frontend, but my heart belongs more to the server side, and the course allowed me to learn the backend development. I believe this course is a good chance to discover development potential”
Nadia Kibakova
Salesforce Developer, Odesa
“The course is super. I practically learned from scratch what Salesforce is and how to work with it. They gave us lectures and homework, interviewed us once a week, and then provided us with feedback.”
Kostiantyn Burovytskyi
Salesforce Developer, Odesa

“The course started with the basics – explaining what Salesforce is all about and what tasks we, developers, have to solve. In each lesson, we covered new topics.”<

Vladimir Sapozhnikov
Salesforce Developer, Odesa

"At the lessons were tips you can’t find on web. Also, unlike platforms and online courses, everything was much better to remember, thanks to a more lively presentation style. I recommend the course."

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You’ll learn from the senior-level tutors
You’ll receive applicable skills to qualify for a Trainee or Junior Salesforce position
You’ll receive applicable skills to qualify for a Trainee or Junior Salesforce position
You’ll have an opportunity to get an offer
You’ll have an opportunity to get an offer

Please note that all our courses are free of charge. We firmly believe in sharing knowledge with our community and expect nothing in return except for motivation, conscientious completion of tasks, and readiness to follow the advice of instructors and mentors.

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