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Synebo is a trusted Salesforce agency offering Salesforce managed package services. With 8+ years on the market, over 1000+ diverse projects under our belt, and 255+ Salesforce certifications in-house, we offer application development, support and maintenance, and other options related to Salesforce.
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Сertified Salesforce Partner and ISV

As a Salesforce development partner as well as a Ridge ISV Partner, and a Salesforce Crest Consulting Partner, the Synebo team can address any of your CRM-related needs. We deliver customer Salesforce solutions to businesses across multiple industries. Our team leverages a tailored approach to projects.
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Salesforce Appexchange Development
Is for Those Who
<b>Need to Develop a Salesforce Product</b> <br> <br>Benefit from end-to-end Salesforce product development with our expertise as per your requirements.
Need to Develop a Salesforce Product

Benefit from end-to-end Salesforce product development with our expertise as per your requirements.
<b>Want Existing Product Improvement</b> <br> <br>For businesses with existing package, Synebo offers improvements through feature development, automation, etc.
Want Existing Product Improvement

For businesses with existing package, Synebo offers improvements through feature development, automation, etc.
<b>Lack Product Development Expertise </b> <br> <br>Make use of expert package development, ongoing support, and customized Salesforce solutions, addressing all your tech needs.
Lack Product Development Expertise

Make use of expert package development, ongoing support, and customized Salesforce solutions, addressing all your tech needs.

Managed Package Services We Provide

Synebo, as a trusted provider of Salesforce managed packages, offers a range of customer Salesforce development services for businesses from across most industries. We help companies to enter the market with competitive software solutions Reach out to us to request the following service lines from an experienced and certified team.
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Managed Package Architecture Design

Our team crafts robust and scalable architectures for Salesforce managed packages tailored to fit your unique business needs within the Salesforce ecosystem. Our approach ensures business alignment, solution scalability, and efficiency optimization.

Managed Package Development

We develop customized managed packages that enhance Salesforce functionalities and integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. Our Salesforce managed package services focus on custom application development, functionality enhancement, and solution scalability.

Managed Package Testing

Comprehensive testing procedures ensure that your Salesforce managed packages perform optimally and meet all quality standards before deployment. We employ both automated and manual testing to guarantee reliability and performance validation.

Maintenance and Support

We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that your Salesforce managed packages remain updated and continue to perform effectively over time. This includes continuous updates, Salesforce release management, and smooth operation assurance.

Bug Fixing and Refactoring

We focus on swiftly identifying and fixing bugs while continuously refactoring code to improve the efficiency and maintainability of managed packages. We prioritize performance optimization, efficiency improvement, and maintainability enhancement.

Client Success Stories

Managed Package Development, Salesforce Integration
Synebo created a Salesforce managed package for a pharmaceutical software company. The team is very organized and is a delight to work with.
Roni Moses, Product Manager, Medisafe
PDO/AppExchange, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud
Overall, I am highly satisfied with the performance of Synebo's team, as well as your professionalism, expertise, and commitment.
Representative of Energy & Utilities Company
Сustom Salesforce Development & Administration
The team at Synebo has excellent employees with a strong background and excellent attitude. They are excited, communicative, helpful, and quick to respond.
Omer Paz, Head of Business Applications, Similarweb
Custom Salesforce Development & Consulting
Synebo has delivered great work, securing an ongoing collaboration. They managed the project exceptionally well, empowering the client in their daily operations.
Eran Ben Horin, CFO, Madlan
PDO/AppExchange, Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud
Synebo team has demonstrated excellent skill and professionalism, overcoming challenges with grace and delivering outstanding innovative solution.
Representative of High Tech Company
Custom Salesforce Development
Synebo met all deadlines and QA tested at a high level. They over-delivered and the product is used daily. The project management was effective.
Reuven Kogan, CEO, Pharmbills LLC
Synebo Services Cost
Synebo Services Cost

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How We Deliver Salesforce Managed Package Services

Initial Assessment and Planning

At this step, the Synebo team understands the client's needs, evaluates the current software system in place, and creates a tailored plan for managed package deployment. Our Salesforce experts ensure the Salesforce package delivery process aligns with client goals and Salesforce best practices.

Package Development

Then, during the package development phase, we create custom Salesforce solutions tailored to specific business needs that were initially determined. In this stage, our team focuses on managed package deployment, ensuring each solution integrates seamlessly and enhances business operations.

Package Assembly

The Synebo team compiles the requested components, features, and functionalities into a ready Salesforce package. Our Salesforce experts streamline the package assembly process to ensure efficient and cohesive managed package deployment.

QA Testing

We conduct thorough QA testing to ensure the Salesforce package functions correctly and meets quality and security standards. Our team rigorously tests every aspect of the package, ensuring a flawless Salesforce package delivery process.

Document Preparation

Finally, comprehensive documentation is prepared for package installation, usage, and maintenance. Salesforce experts at our company detail every step of the managed package deployment process, ensuring clients have clear guidance throughout the Salesforce package delivery process.
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Our Portfolio

medisafe _1660х1162
Integration of Salesforce for a Medisafe company
The challenge was to ensure two-way, secure synchronization with dynamic data mapping between Salesforce and Medisafe server. Our solution was a managed package offering JWT connection, REST resource endpoint, and dynamic data handling. Successful deployment helped with continuous improvement and market expansion.
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Kali _1660х1162
Salesforce Lightning Web Component for Kali
The Kali team aimed to give their clients a clear view of their financial health. We built and integrated a Lightning component inside a client’s customer community. Now, Kali’s customers can review and export analytical data easily.
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PandaDoc _1660х1162
CPQ package on the AppExchange for PandaDoc
Synebo was asked to conduct the creation of a high-quality CPQ AppExchange package. Upon the development and listing of the CPQ package, the PandaDoc team was able to provide a solution for document signing within Salesforce.
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Cooby case cover (1)
Sales Process Simplification for Cooby
Their goal was to simplify the sales process by eliminating the need to switch back and forth between WhatsApp and Salesforce for CRM tasks. We developed an advanced Salesforce integration, which enhanced prospect interaction visibility.
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Blog Articles


1. How long does it typically take to develop and deploy a Salesforce Managed Package?

The development and deployment of a Salesforce managed package typically takes 8-12 weeks. This timeline includes:

  • Initial assessment
  • Development
  • Package Assembly
  • QA Testing
  • Documentation Preparation

The Synebo team ensures a seamless Salesforce managed package service that meets all business needs and Salesforce managed package limits.

2. Can we customize a Managed Package to fit our specific needs?

Yes, our Salesforce managed package services allow for full customization to fit your specific needs. We create managed packages tailored to your business requirements, ensuring functionality aligns perfectly with your unique operational demands.

3. What are the costs associated with developing and maintaining a Salesforce Managed Package?

The costs for developing and maintaining a Salesforce managed package vary based on complexity and specific requirements. Our Salesforce managed package services are designed to be cost-effective, with transparent pricing for development, updates, and ongoing support. Exploring a pricing policy of a Salesforce provider is a great way to obtain an initial understanding of associated costs. 

4. How do you ensure that the Managed Package will scale with our business growth?

Ensuring that managed packages scale with your business growth involves incorporating data management, performance optimization, testing and monitoring, resource optimization, team training, and other practices. Our Salesforce managed package services focus on creating solutions that grow with your business, ensuring long-term efficiency and adaptability.

5. Do you offer training for our team on how to use the Managed Package?

Yes, we offer comprehensive training for your team on how to use the Salesforce managed package. Our Salesforce experts provide hands-on guidance, ensuring your team is well-equipped to leverage all features and functionalities of the managed package effectively.

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