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Synebo — a Salesforce development partner, specializing in Salesforce health check services. With 8+ years on the market, over 1000 diverse projects delivered, and 255+ Salesforce certifications in-house, we offer Salesforce security and health check assistance, with a strong focus on business models and needs.
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Сertified Salesforce PDO and ISV Partner

Synebo Salesforce app development company is also recognized as a consulting Salesforce Crest Partner and Ridge ISV Partner. This emphasizes our qualification as a Salesforce development firm for businesses across different industries, reflecting our team’s drive to digitalize in the modern CRM landscape.
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Our Salesforce Health Check Services
Are For Those Who
<b>Face Salesforce <br>Performance Issues </b> <br> <br> We offer to resolve performance bottlenecks for businesses that struggle with unresponsive Salesforce.
Face Salesforce
Performance Issues

We offer to resolve performance bottlenecks for businesses that struggle with unresponsive Salesforce.
<b>Experience <br> Data-related Challenges</b> <br> <br>We help businesses that struggle with inaccurate or inconsistent data via measures to make data reliable and trustworthy.
Data-related Challenges

We help businesses that struggle with inaccurate or inconsistent data via measures to make data reliable and trustworthy.
<b>Need  <br> a Security Check  for Salesforce </b> <br> <br>We review permissions, password policies, and MFA activation, ensuring proper access restrictions.
a Security Check for Salesforce

We review permissions, password policies, and MFA activation, ensuring proper access restrictions.
<b>Need Salesforce Practices<br> Compliance</b> <br> <br> We help businesses adhere to industry standards and best practices, keeping them secure and compliant.
Need Salesforce Practices

We help businesses adhere to industry standards and best practices, keeping them secure and compliant.

Our Salesforce
Health Check Services

Synebo, as a trusted Salesforce health check company offers a range of end-to-end services aiming to cover any need related to optimizing the security, performance, and best CRM experience of working with Salesforce system. Reach out to us should you need the following service lines from an experienced and certified team.
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Apex Governor Limits Optimization

Salesforce imposes unavoidable governor limits, such as file upload size and API integration limits. Synebo optimizes processes to stay within these limits, identifying and resolving issues efficiently.

Functional Optimization

Performance issues can occur even in the most well-optimized software systems. Synebo evaluates and improves page performance and functionality to ensure optimal operation and user experience.

Data Quality and Integrity

Synebo enhances Salesforce data quality and Salesforce data integrity using advanced Salesforce data quality tools to improve data quality in Salesforce, ensuring reliable and accurate information.

Security and Compliance Review

Synebo conducts thorough reviews of your Salesforce environment, focusing on Salesforce security. We help ensure compliance and achieve robust protection of data from unauthorized access.

Client Success Stories

Salesforce App Development, Customer 360 Platform
Synebo team has demonstrated excellent skill and professionalism, overcoming challenges with grace and delivering outstanding innovative solution.
Representative of High Tech Company
Custom Salesforce Development
They (Synebo) are an excellent team, always with a 'Can do' attitude. They were excited, communicative, helpful, and quick to respond.
Omer Paz, Head of Business Applications, Similarweb
Service Cloud App development
It was a true pleasure working with Synebo team for 3.5 years. the value this company gave us is priceless. Amazing People! Amazing Company.
Isahar Profis, Salesforce Delivery Manager, Lumos Global
Salesforce App Development, Sales Cloud
Overall, I am highly satisfied with the performance of Synebo's team, as well as your professionalism, expertise, and commitment.
Representative of Energy & Utilities Company
Salesforce App Customization
Synebo met all deadlines and QA tested at a high level. They over-delivered and the product is used daily. The project management was effective.
Reuven Kogan, CEO, Pharmbills LLC
Custom Salesforce development and consulting
They (Synebo) always deliver on the promise, even if it's a complex project. We are very happy with the result - this is why we continue to work with Synebo.
Eran Ben Horin, CFO, Madlan
Synebo Services Cost
Synebo Services Cost

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What is the Salesforce Health Check Process?

System Configuration
and Customization Assessment

Our Salesforce experts conduct a thorough Salesforce org health check to review your system configuration and customizations. This assessment ensures your Salesforce setup aligns with best practices, identifying areas for optimization and improvement to enhance overall performance.

Security Settings Evaluation

Synebo experts evaluate your Salesforce security settings through a detailed Salesforce org health check. This step identifies potential vulnerabilities and ensures your data protection measures comply with industry standards, safeguarding your Salesforce environment.

Data Quality Review

By conducting a Salesforce org health check, our team assesses the quality of your data within Salesforce. This review identifies inconsistencies and areas for improvement, ensuring your data is accurate and reliable, and supports your business processes effectively.

Performance and Scalability

We perform a Salesforce org health check to identify bottlenecks and areas where performance can be enhanced. This analysis helps improve system efficiency and scalability, ensuring your Salesforce instance can adapt to growing business needs.

Automation and Workflow

Through a comprehensive Salesforce org health check, our Salesforce engineers examine existing automation and workflows within your Salesforce instance. This examination ensures your processes are optimized, efficient, and aligned with best practices to support your business objectives.
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Our Portfolio

financial services company succes story Synebo
Data Migration and Financial Cloud Implementation for a Financial Services Company
The Synebo team assisted a large financial organization that opens and maintains U.S. investment and retirement accounts from Israel with data migration. We ensured smooth transfer of data from outdated system Act! to Salesforce and provided financial cloud implementation.
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medisafe _1660х1162
Integration of Salesforce for a Medisafe company
The challenge was to ensure two-way, secure synchronization with dynamic data mapping between Salesforce and Medisafe server. Our solution was a managed package offering JWT connection, REST resource endpoint, and dynamic data handling. Successful deployment helped with continuous improvement and market expansion.
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telecommunication provider_1160x1162 (1)
Long-Term Support and Feature Implementation for a Telecom Company
The Synebo team partnered with one of Israel's largest telecom companies to provide long-term support and feature implementation. Focusing on integrating Salesforce Service Cloud with the client's existing ERP system, the team addressed support process integration and response time reduction challenges.
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Tobacco Manufacturer
Marketing Cloud Implementation for a Tobacco Manufacturer
The challenge was implementing an SMS opt-in campaign within the Marketing Cloud platform. We performed the integration of various components, which helped the client use the Salesforce Marketing cloud to enable for effective multi-language SMS campaign.
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Multiple Platform Integration for a Healthcare Technology Company
The challenge was to integrate multiple platforms into the infrastructure. Our solution was centered around a custom development of components. The client achieved increased revenue, enhancement of its competitiveness, and improvement of scalability.
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No image available
Salesforce System Enhancement for a Non-Profit Organization
The primary challenge was in the Salesforce system’s optimization and expansion The solutions were focused on code documentation and implementation of new features. The client achieved streamlined user management and efficiency.
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efp _1660х1162
Salesforce Package for Fintech Provider
Synebo’s client identified the need to integrate financial data into their Salesforce platform. We developed and integrated a Salesforce package that enables the display of integrated data. We achieved increased workability and flexibility of the customer’s product.
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AppsFlyer _1660х1162
Community and Help Center Development for AppsFlyer
AppsFlyer came to Synebo with a request for a Partner Community creation. We conducted research and designed and developed a community. As a result, AppsFlyer got an integration of the existing Zendesk Help Center with a newly built community.
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Kali _1660х1162
Salesforce Lightning Web Component for Kali
The Kali team aimed to give their clients a clear view of their financial health. We built and integrated a Lightning component inside a client’s customer community. Now, Kali’s customers can review and export analytical data easily.
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Tufin _1660х1162
Salesforce Portal Development for Tufin
The Tufin team requested the development of a new internal portal. Using standard and custom-created solutions, the Synebo team created a solution for two types of users: customers and partners. The client got a customized internal experience site with stylized pages.
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Blog Articles


1. Why do I need a Salesforce Health Check?

A Salesforce Health Check is essential to identify potential issues, ensure compliance with Salesforce security best practices, and optimize system performance. Regular health check in Salesforce helps plus usage of Page Optimizer, checking limits, etc., help a high level of Salesforce security, protecting your data and enhancing overall functionality.

2. How often should I get a Salesforce Health Check?

It’s recommended to perform a Salesforce Health Check complemented with using instruments like Page Optimizer and Salesforce Shield, and checling limits 1-3 times a year. Regular health check Salesforce services ensure continuous compliance and optimal performance addressing any emerging issues promptly and maintaining system integrity.

3. What are the benefits of a Salesforce Health Check?

A Salesforce Health Check provides a comprehensive evaluation of your system’s health, including a detailed Salesforce Health Check report. Benefits include improved security, optimized performance, adherence to Salesforce health check best practices, and maintaining a level of user experience with Salesforce. 

4. How long does a Salesforce Health Check take?

A thorough Salesforce Health Check with checking limits, using Salesforce Shild and Page Optimizer typically takes a few hours to a couple of days, depending on the system’s complexity. This health check Salesforce process ensures a detailed evaluation, producing an actionable Salesforce health check report. 

5. Can I perform a Salesforce health check myself?

Yes, you can perform a Salesforce Health Check yourself using the built-in tools such as Salesforce Health Checker and Salesforce Optimizer. You can discover extra details on using them for Salesforce Health Check from our blog post. However, they don’t cover all scenarios. As such, Salesforce developers use other additional instruments for system evaluation and manually check limits, so assistance from external experts is still necessary.

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