How a Community Development and Help Center Integration Enhanced User Experience for AppsFlyer

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Meet the hero Meet the hero

AppsFlyer is a SaaS mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform that helps companies enhance customer LTE with innovative privacy-preserving measurement, analytics, fraud protection, and engagement technologies.

The challenge The challenge

AppsFlyer came to Synebo with a request for a Partner Community creation. The company needed a customized help center for its partners where they could easily access AppsFlyer articles, FAQs, and any other materials that AppsFlyer may consider necessary to add to this digital environement. In addition, they wanted a link-triggered registration process that could be managed within the Salesforce platform to set relevant user recommendations based on their interests and needs. 

AppsFlyer had the idea of avoiding the recreation of an extensive knowledge database already set in Zendesk, so Salesforce Partner Community was the best option to let community members easily interact with the existing Help Center. This was intended to not only minimize effort in providing a knowledge database within a more convenient environment but also allow for easier access to community members. Such an approach can be considered both resource-effective and user-friendly, which was exactly what the AppsFlyer team was aiming to achieve. 

About the client
Mobile attribution and analytics
San Francisco, US
Founded in
The beginning of the project
May 2022
The end of the project
Dec 2022

Our solution

The project of the community had two phases:

1. The first phase was dedicated to research.
We researched the best solution for integrating the existing knowledge base with the future community. This allowed us to ensure that internal community and Zendesk articles would be presented properly within the same search request and make the switch from the Salesforce environment to the Zendesk visually seamless. Defining this at the project’s start also helped AppsFlyer plan the community design better.

2. In the second phase, we created a community.
We proceeded with the development of a community based on the AppsFlyer design using both custom and out-of-the-box solutions provided by Salesforce. We also set up the member invitation and registration process that allowed the account manager to approve each community member and ensure they received the most relevant information with the help of the built-in articles tag system. The created custom panel gave a full overview of all community members and allowed an admin to edit members’ permissions straight up from the community.

Here are just a few of the amazing things that the Synebo team accomplished while handling every aspect of the project
– Conducted a thorough research
– Designed and developed a community based on the AppsFlyer design
– Set up the member invitation and registration process
Technologies used
Aura components
Provided services
Experience Cloud implementation
Integration with 3rd Party
Salesforce consulting
Code Refactoring and optimisation
Project management

The results The results

AppsFlyer got an integration of the existing Zendesk Help Center with a newly built partner community — an extensive tag system that allows the community members to interact with the most relevant information. The Synebo team ensured a smooth registration process for partners, which is fully controlled within the platform by admins.

Newly built partner community
Newly built partner community
Reliable integration of the existing Zendesk Help Center
Reliable integration of the existing Zendesk Help Center
Smooth and fully-controlled registration process
Smooth and fully-controlled registration process

Project Scope and Team Structure

8 months
Project duration
Project working hours
5 specialists
The team involved: Salesforce Developer, Front-end Developer, Salesforce Architect, Project Manager, Salesforce Administrator
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