How Marketing Cloud Feature Implementation Enahnced SMS Campaigns for a Tobacco Manufacturer

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Tobacco Manufacturer

Meet the hero Meet the hero

Synebo’s client is a subsidiary of the global tobacco industry league, operating in Canada. It’s renowned for high-quality tobacco products. The company serves over 29,000 retailers, emphasizing the quality of products and recruitment and development of top-tier talent in a competitive market.

The challenge The challenge

The main challenge presented by the client was implementing their SMS opt-in campaign within the Marketing Cloud platform. It revolved around three key areas:

1. Dynamic campaign triggering:
The foremost challenge was to configure the Marketing Cloud system to automatically initiate the SMS opt-in campaign whenever a user updated or added a phone number. This required careful integration and real-time data synchronization to ensure prompt campaign activation.

2. Automated SMS opt-in process:
The next hurdle was to develop an automated mechanism for dispatching SMS opt-in messages. This involved not only crafting the SMS content but also implementing an efficient, automated workflow to manage and execute timely SMS deliveries to the users.

3. Comprehensive reporting system:
The final challenge entailed the creation of a detailed reporting system. This system is intended to effectively collate and present crucial data, including user opt-in statuses and SMS reception information, providing a holistic view of the campaign’s reach and user engagement.

In summary, the challenge in enhancing their Marketing Cloud operations was multi-faceted, lying in the development of an advanced reporting system for in-depth campaign analysis.

About the client
Montréal, US
Founded in
The beginning of the project
Jun 2023
The end of the project
Dec 2023

Our solution

The solution by Synebo encompassed the following key aspects:

1. Integration of Marketing Cloud Connect with a journey:

To capture user information updates, the team utilized Marketing Cloud Connect. This tool was integrated with a Journey, which was set up with a Salesforce Data Event as its entry source. This setup allowed for efficient tracking and updating of user information.

2. Incorporating AMPScript in email activity for API calls:

The main challenge faced was the limitation of not being able to directly call AMPScript code in journeys. To overcome this, the team ingeniously implemented API calls by embedding AMPScript code in the excluded code of the email activity. This method enabled the calling of the SMS opt-in API as part of the journey, despite the limitations.

3. Creation of a custom automation for data collection:

For the purpose of gathering both user and system data, a specialized automation was developed. This automation utilized SQL queries to link the necessary data, consolidating it into a report table. This approach provided a structured and efficient way to collect and analyze the required data.

In summary, our approach ensured a seamless integration of various components to enhance the effectiveness of Synebo’s client’s marketing efforts.

Here are just a few of the amazing things that the Synebo team accomplished while handling every aspect of the project
– Development of custom, tailored Salesforce Marketing Cloud Feature
– Advanced and automated data reporting
– Effective integrations with Amazon S3
Technologies used
Automation Builder
Journey Builder
Marketing Cloud Connect
Mobile Studio
Provided services
Integration with 3rd Party
Applicating Architecture
Code Refactoring and Optimisation
Project Management
No-code application development

The results The results

The client achieved the following results as a result of our solution:

1. Multi-language SMS campaign:

The integration and clever use of AMPScript in the email activity enabled the launch of a multi-language SMS campaign. This was achieved without the need for additional integration on the Sales org side, streamlining the process and making it more efficient.

2. Detailed user reports:

The custom automation developed for data collection allowed for the generation of detailed reports. These reports were specific to each user’s phone number, offering valuable insights into user engagement and campaign effectiveness.

3. Increased efficiency:

The automation and integration streamlined marketing efforts, improving the speed and effectiveness of campaign execution.

4. Better user experience:

The multi-language SMS campaign provided personalized engagement, enhancing customer satisfaction.

5. Informed marketing decisions:

Detailed user reports from the automation enabled data-driven strategies, optimizing marketing approaches based on user behavior and preferences.

In summary, our solution was centered around using the vast capabilities of the Salesforce Marketing cloud to enable for effective multi-language SMS campaign.

Innovative API use in email activity
Innovative API use in email activity
Efficient user data capture utilizing Marketing Cloud
Efficient user data capture utilizing Marketing Cloud
Advanced data reporting with custom automation using SQL queries
Advanced data reporting with custom automation using SQL queries

Project Scope and Team Structure

4 months
Project duration
Project working hours
3 specialists
The team involved: Salesforce Architect, Salesforce Developer, Project Manager
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