How Salesforce Package Development Enhanced the Embedded Finance Product of Fintech Service Provider

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Meet the hero Meet the hero

Synebo’s client is a provider of embedded banking and financial technology that empowers financial institutions and payment companies to deliver digital finance solutions seamlessly. With its modular finance platform, Synebo’s client provides non-fintech businesses with extensive financial capabilities. Its primary customers include banks and similar financial institutions and PSPs & Merchant Acquirers.

The challenge The challenge

Synebo’s client identified the need to integrate financial data into their Salesforce platform. This would not only cater to their customers’ evolving demands but would also allow them to manage and visualize their financial processes better.

The core challenges were defined as:

1. Providing centralized information access: Provide customers with a unified environment where they can view both their financial data and other interactions they’ve had with the company.

2. Ensuring enhanced customer experience: Improve the overall digital journey for customers by reducing the need to juggle between multiple platforms or applications.

3. Enabling data-driven decision-making: By having financial data within the Salesforce environment, the client intended to provide their end users with deeper insights. 

About the client
Embedded finance, Fintech
London, UK
Founded in
The beginning of the project
Apr 2021
The end of the project
Apr 2023

Our solution

To fulfill the client’s request, it was decided to develop and integrate a Salesforce package that will enable the display of integrated data. It should also support the view of all required connections between different types of related data. 

The scope of functions provided within this Salesforce package includes:

1. Load management

2. Data collation

3. Automated regulatory compliance

4. Authentication and KYC

5. Fraud detection enabled by real-time data sources

5. AI-powered credit & risk decisioning that improves assessment precision

The finished solution allows for adding analysis of the data inside the Salesforce environment. Naturally, it enhances customers’ user satisfaction with Synebo’s client’s services.


Here are just a few of the amazing things that the Synebo team accomplished while handling every aspect of the project
– Designed and developed a Salesforce package and the logic behind it
– Ensured all required connections between types of data
– Provided advanced analytical capabilities within the Salesforce environment
Technologies used
Provided services
Salesforce application development
ISV and AppExchange development
Long-term support
No-code application development
Salesforce consulting
Integration with 3rd party

The results The results

The Synebo team created a new Salesforce package. The package integrates the data from the web instance of the client’s product to the Salesforce environment where the package is installed.

The integrated data is saved with the same configurations and connections as on the product instance. It helps the customers of the clients that use Salesforce to manage their financial requests, so it increases the workability of their product and makes it more flexible.

New full-fledged Salesforce package
New full-fledged Salesforce package
The integration of data that supports same configurations and connections
The integration of data that supports same configurations and connections
Increased workability and flexibility of the customer’s product
Increased workability and flexibility of the customer’s product

Project Scope and Team Structure

24 months
Project duration
Project working hours
5 specialists
The team involved: Salesforce Developer, Salesforce Administrator, Front-End Developer, Salesforce Consultant, QA
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