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Meet the hero Meet the hero

Medisafe is a medical data and adherence company. It distributes Medisafe mobile app, which allows for medical patients to set and track their medical adherence, schedules and notifications. Primary clients of the company or medical care companies that provide services to patients, including nurse care and medication plans. Medisafe does not provide medical care, only medical data management, but that involves a lot of personal medical data being stored and processed.

The challenge The challenge

Some of the Medisafe clients are actively using Salesforce to store and track patients’ data. These clients are reluctant to use Medisafe user cabinet as it would require keeping track of data in two separate instances – client Salesforce and Medisafe cabinet.

Following inquiries from their clients about possibility of Salesforce to Medisafe integration, Medisafe have approached Synebo with request for creation of managed pakage to provide two-way synchronization between Salesforce and Medisafe server.

Package requirements included dynamic mapping of the data based on end-client data-model and also representation of Patient data through LWC widget placeable on record page in client data-model.

Main project challenges included:

1. Secure Two-Way Connection: Establishing a robust and secure two-way connection was critical to facilitate real-time data synchronization between Salesforce and the Medisafe servers. This connection needed to ensure that sensitive medical data was transferred securely and efficiently, adhering to compliance standards.

2. Dynamic data mapping: The integration required dynamic mapping of large datasets to align with the varying data models of end-clients. This involved configuring Salesforce to dynamically adjust to the data structures used by Medisafe, ensuring accurate and effective data representation and processing.

3. Dynamic widget UI: Developing a customizable Lightning Web Component (LWC) widget that could be embedded on Salesforce record pages. This widget was designed to dynamically display patient data directly from the Medisafe server, enhancing the usability and accessibility of patient information within Salesforce.

In summary, the challenge Synebo faced in integrating Salesforce with the Medisafe platform was multifaceted, centering on the development of a secure and dynamic data exchange system.

About the client
Healthcare Technology
Boston, Massachusetts US
Founded in
The beginning of the project
Jan 2022
The end of the project
Apr 2024

Our solution

Synebo’s integration of Salesforce with Medisafe includes key enhancements to ensure secure and dynamic data management:

#1 Managed package distribution: Ensures the security of implementation code and configuration data across client systems.

#2 Secure JWT connection: Provides bidirectional data synchronization with enhanced security.

#3 Custom permissions for widget visibility: Tailors access to the dynamic widget, ensuring data visibility is controlled.

#4 Dynamic data handling: Facilitates accurate data mapping and transformations to fit various client data structures.

#5 REST resource endpoint: Supports real-time data synchronization and configuration adjustments between systems.

#6 Asynchronous data updates: Maintains data accuracy by continuously updating records based on changes in client databases.

In summary, the collaborative effort between Synebo’s developers and Medisafe has led to a secure, efficient integration, optimizing Salesforce’s capability to manage medical data effectively.

Here are just a few of the amazing things that the Synebo team accomplished while handling every aspect of the project
– Fully-fledged custom integration
– Ensuring asynchronous data updates
– Effective collaboration between development teams
Technologies used
Asynchronous Apex
Provided services
Salesforce Application Development
Integration with 3rd Party
ISV and AppExchange development
Long term support
Salesforce Consulting
Application Resting
Applicating Architecture
Code Refactoring and Optimisation
Project Management
CI/CD Setup

The results The results

The deployment of the managed package developed by Synebo for Medisafe has led to several notable outcomes:

1. Operational deployment: The managed package is now actively utilized by Medisafe’s end-clients, handling real patient data efficiently. This marks a significant step forward in operational usage following successful testing and deployment phases.

2. Continuous improvement and expansion: With the package in production, there are ongoing developments to enhance its features based on user feedback and requirements. This iterative improvement ensures the solution remains effective and responsive to client needs.

3. Future plans for security review: There is a planned security review aimed at preparing the package for listing on the Salesforce AppExchange. This move will broaden its availability, making it accessible to a wider range of clients and further validating its security and functionality.

4. Informed marketing decisions: Detailed user reports from the automation enabled data-driven strategies, optimizing marketing approaches based on user behavior and preferences.

The managed package Synebo developed for Medisafe has been successfully implemented and is now actively being used. We’re also working on adding more features and planning a security review to prepare for its launch on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Secure two-way data synchronization
Secure two-way data synchronization
Effective dynamic data management in place
Effective dynamic data management in place
Real-time data updates via asynchronous processes
Real-time data updates via asynchronous processes

Project Scope and Team Structure

27 months
Project duration
Project working hours
3 specialists
The team involved: Salesforce Architect, Salesforce Developer, Front-end Developer

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