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Meet the hero Meet the hero

The Synebo’s client is one of the largest telecom companies in Israel.  They use a dozen third-party services, such as CTI, ERP, and Payment Systems in their business model. The client has a significant presence in the Israeli telecom market and is known for its infrastructure investments and technological advancements. 

The challenge The challenge

In this project, Synebo was part of a big team (around 300+ developers). Our team was responsible for the direct support of Salesforce. The challenge was the support process integration. The main goal of the project was to reduce the response time for support agencies and integrate third-party tools with Salesforce. 

In general, we integrate 30 services with Salesforce.  The biggest challenge was to integrate Salesforce with their own custom ERP with customer views, connection checks, work orders, etc. 

About the client
Tel Aviv, Israel
Founded in
The beginning of the project
Jul 2020

Our solution

For this project, our team focused on implementing Salesforce Service Cloud, with a deep integration of the client’s existing ERP system. Key aspects of our solution included:

1. Comprehensive integration: We built integrations that provided support agents with a complete view of customer information, enabling them to send payment forms, book service engineers, check connections, create new work orders, and sign new contracts directly from the Service Cloud interface.

2. Scalable architecture: Our team developed a scalable architecture to support the client’s growing needs, ensuring that the system could handle a large volume of integrations (approximately 30 web services) without performance issues.

3. Performance improvements: We addressed and fixed several screen freeze issues, enhancing the overall user experience for support agents and customers alike.

In summary, our approach ensured that the company has a scalable architecture and has all the tools and resources needed for the seamless support center functioning.  

Here are just a few of the amazing things that the Synebo team accomplished while handling every aspect of the project
– Fully-fledged integrations of 30+ services
– Ensuring the appropriate scalability of infrastructure
– Adressing the technical limitations of the digital product in use
Technologies used
Experience Cloud
Embedded services
Provided services
Experience Cloud Implementation
Long term support
Salesforce Consulting
Project Management
No-code application development

The results The results

The implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud significantly transformed the client’s support process, resulting in:

1. Efficient support process: The client successfully transitioned their entire support process to Salesforce, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

2. Reduced response time: The general response time of support agents was reduced by 12%, leading to quicker resolutions and higher customer satisfaction.

3. Expansion opportunities: Based on the success of the existing solutions, the client is now exploring the development of additional self-service portals for their corporate clients, further enhancing their customer support offerings.

In summary, we ensured that the customer support processes are well-tuned and maintained technically so agents can work more effectively. 

Seamless ERP integration in the service cloud
Seamless ERP integration in the service cloud
Enhanced support agent efficiency
Enhanced support agent efficiency
Comprehensive data management
Comprehensive data management

Project Scope and Team Structure

43 months
Project duration
Project working hours
5 specialists
The team involved: Salesforce Developers, Front-end Developer, Salesforce Administrator, Project Manager, QA
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