We’ve already discussed lately why CRM is an essential tool for nonprofit organizations. And if you’re here, you are probably aware of all the benefits it brings. However, it’s still hard for many business owners to choose the right software. 

The market offers thousands of tools for nonprofit companies, and without an understanding of the product, the selection process becomes just a pig in a poke. So, let’s try to find out how to get the software you need and what alternatives are. 

What should nonprofits consider while searching for a CRM?

Choosing a CRM might be quite confusing, especially if you’ve never used one. So here we tried to collect a few factors you need to pay attention to while searching for a CRM provider.

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Nonprofit organization goals

And here we’re talking not about the goals of saving the world or helping all around. We mean business goals, which must be so-called SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. So, before you get an idea of what CRM is right for you, you need to understand the objectives your organization is trying to reach with its help. 

For instance, you may want to expand your donor base by automating some of the work processes. Or want to provide better-informed care to people or animals, collecting and storing all data in one place. 

Required CRM features 

CRM features will come to you based on the goals you set and the challenges you face. So, for instance, if you have problems with decision-making, you need to choose software with data analytics and forecasting, or if you use some other applications for work, you’d better try to find a CRM with easy and smooth integration. 

CRM system usability 

CRM implementation is not a cakewalk in general because your team needs to change old habits and develop new ones. On top of that, there are a lot of organizational aspects. But if the CRM you selected lacks user-friendliness, it will definitely complicate your life. 


And last but not least, as people say, money. Any type of business must monitor budgets and understand what they can afford and what they can’t. With noncommercial businesses, it’s even more critical, since the business itself doesn’t bring any profit. So, sure enough, budget is an essential criterion for selecting the right software. 

Best CRM providers for nonprofit companies  

All set. You know your objectives, defined CRM features, and decided on your budget. What’s next? Searching for providers! We’ve prepared a list of 5 CRM providers that are good options for nonprofit businesses and might be your platforms of choice. 


The name presents itself. NonProfitEasy is fully focused on making nonprofit management a piece of cake. The creators made this CRM a useful tool for business owners and a guarantor for all donors that their data is safe. The main features we can distinguish are:

🌐 Marketing management 

📋 Task and events management

📊 Reporting and analytics 

📝 Online scheduling

🪪 Volunteer and donor management 

🔀 Integrations with TimeTap, DonorSearch, Zapier, WordPress, and many other services 


Salesforce is a famous cloud-based platform for business and sales management. And in 2018, they announced presenting a Nonprofit Cloud. With this innovation, Salesforce wanted to transform the way charities change the world. So they gave them a number of tools to improve their performance: 

🌐 Marketing management 

💰 Grant-making and fundraising 

🤖 AI-powered insights 

🤝 Nonprofit data and team management 

🛠️ Access to thousands of extra tools on AppExchange

🔀 The greatest amount of integrations across the web


Salsa is a tool that helps nonprofit owners keep abreast of both performance management and marketing campaigns. So, for those businesses that seek a tool for better social media representation, such a CRM is a great option. Some of the main characteristics it has are: 

📊 Performance dashboards and reporting

📧 Drag-and-drop email editor 

🌐 Marketing automation 

🪪 Extensive donor profiles

💰 Offline and online donation processing 

🌐 Social media integration ad management 


One of the greatest benefits of this CRM provider is that it’s open-source and totally free to download. In addition, it can still meet most of the nonprofit business needs. With CiviCRM, you can get: 

🪪 Donor and membership management 

📢 Advocacy campaigns building and monitoring 

📋 Event tracking 

🔀 Integration with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Backdrop


This platform positions itself as the most flexible CRM on the market and offers nonprofit business management tools both from your PC and your phone. Nutshell allows you to automate your marketing campaigns and monitor team performance while giving an innovative way of interacting with donors and volunteers. The key CRM features include: 

🌐 Marketing and sales automation 

🫂 Easy team collaboration 

📊 Performance reporting 

🤝 Contact and pipeline management 

🪪 Donor business card scanning 

So, start your nonprofit automation now 

You have all the needed information for having the best experience choosing and implementing CRM. The final word is yours. However, you might still feel confused about whether these options are right for you. So, in case you still need guidance on your way to automation, don’t hesitate to contact the Synebo team. We can help you find the right solution for your nonprofit business or assist your company in Salesforce adoption. Best of luck!

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