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Salesforce integration

Every modern company uses a variety of business tools. Synebo specializes particularly in integrating Salesforce with 3rd party systems. We help you to become a customer-oriented company, which puts clients at the centre of their business. Salesforce integration will allow you to gain a true value of your Salesforce asset. Synebo can facilitate you in connecting different financial applications with Salesforce and with ERP. These stages will provide a complete picture of all business processes and customers across your applications. Since customer data might be in several applications at once, our professionals can merge this information, accumulate and systemize it within Salesforce. This empowers you to enhance customers’ satisfaction and boost revenue.

CRM and ERP Integration

Enabling seamless integration within various business applications by implementing data synchronization and unified work processes.

Payment Integration

Managing payments and subscriptions directly from the CRM. Synebo has successfully completed dozens of payment integrations worldwide.

CTI Integration

Integrating Salesforce with your preferred telephony system. Implementing calls routing, logging, and displaying caller related information from the CRM.